S2400 Firmware Updates

This thread serves as the repository for current and historical S2400 firmware updates.
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S2400 Firmware Update Instructions

  • Download the desired firmware update file from the following posts.

  • Copy the file to the ROOT of your SD card
    HINT: You can just enter USB MSC mode on the S2400 and the machine will appear as a drive to
    your computer, press the BACK button on the S2400 once the file has copied.

  • Upon re-inserting card or exiting MSC mode you will be prompted to go ahead with the update.

  • DO NOT interfere with the machine until it reboots.

Emergency / Firmware Recovery Procedure
If for any reason, due to power cut, or other failure, your machine won’t boot afterwards, remove the SD card and insert into a computer.

Copy the downloaded file onto the ROOT of the SD card but this time, rename the file extension to .UPF instead of the default .UPD (This will perform a forced update on power up)

Re-insert the card into the machine with the power off, and then power on.


2020-12-10 Update

  • Fixed sample peak not recalculated when A pressed
  • Fixed visual glitch setting song tempo
  • Fixed save project from file menu prompting for name
  • Fixed envelope pitch/filter modulation amount in multi mode
  • Fixed level max issue in waveform editor
  • Fixed step program events under cursor bug
  • Fixed backwards headphones

2020-12-16 Update

  • Fixed swapped headphones again
  • Use existing track name when saving a slice of existing file (not default to “sample#”)
  • Correct slices after truncating a file
  • Fixed playback override LEDs not updating just after stopping recording
  • Fixed pitch jump during record bug
  • Fixed duplicate filename check logic
    This also caused some errors in coping WAVs to project folders if names were the same.
  • Pop up a message when trying to use the repetitions feature with classic envelopes
  • Ground unused pins via software for added stability
  • The machine now prevents saving while patterns are playing.
    Saving while playing sometimes causes a crash and corrupts the project.
    Hopefully this change is temporary while we work to figure out the issue.

2021-02-08 Update


  • Fixed bug with level going to zero after editing large samples
  • Fixed bug with stereo when editing large samples
  • Fixed bug with stereo when overwriting file in waveform editor
  • Fixed save kit bugs
  • Fixed a bug with erase in Step Program mode
  • Fixed pitch error in step program mode
  • Fixed holding erase not working when repeat is locked
  • Fixed assigning sound to track in waveform view
  • Fixed negative fractions not displaying minus sign
  • Fixed reading of WAV files that have data chunks between the fmt and data chunks
  • Fixed unnecessary reloading of large samples in multi mode waveform view
  • Fixed bug with repeat quantization in multi mode
  • Fixed crash after overwriting large sample with small one
  • Fixed bug where exiting help on copy screen causes copy to happen
  • Fixed LiveLoop crash when pattern is longer than max loop time
  • Don’t offer to “Overwrite Same File” for WAVs loaded from internal flash


  • Eliminated click at beginning and end of samples
  • Reduced click when sounds are interrupted
  • Improved playback quality of 26KHz sounds
  • Improved playback quality of looped sounds
  • Threshold sampling now starts at next zero cross after threshold is reached
  • Sped up formatting of SD card (64GB format went from 20 seconds to 2 seconds)
  • Sped up browsing of folders with a large number of files
  • In Step Program, Shift+Arrows/Encoder scroll by a measure
  • Do not sleep in MSC mode
  • Added check and message for invalid folder names (containing non FAT32 characters, or with space at the end)
  • Pattern Length and Time Signature can now be changed even when the pattern is running.
  • Erase pattern number defaults to current pattern (was defaulting to zero)
  • LiveLoop Length is now called Divisions and is a numeric field instead of a list (functions the same)
  • Input monitor is now automatically muted during LiveLoop recording (so as to not double the sound volume)
  • Loop point visual indicator in pattern mode has changed. The line connecting the loop point to the end point is only shown when looping is enabled. The loop point is indicated by a hash mark if looping is not enabled.
  • Saving samples/slices/LiveLoops is now a single screen instead of a multi-step process
  • Waveform editor F-keys have changed
    Snap to zero cross is now F5 and affects the selected point. Long-press F5 to snap all points to zero crossing.
    Press Help for the updated list, see the manual for details.

New Features

  • Added Resampling
    Press F4 in file browser
  • Mix mode gain range is now configurable per track, and can go above 0dB
    Press Shift+A in mix mode to configure the range.
  • Added Reverse Sample or Slice feature. See the manual for details.
  • Implemented Gated mode (hold pad to play, release pad to stop)
    Turn it on/off in track settings.
  • The S2400 now reads the loop point from the WAV file
    It reads the “smpl” data chunk, which is different from cue or marker points.
    If a loop point exists in the file, the S2400 sets it, sets the loop time to 2sec, and turns on gate mode by default.
  • Added global default measures setting
  • Added Transpose to track settings
  • Added Fine Pitch adjustment to pitch settings (Shift+A in pitch mode, F2 in Step Edit)
  • Added Modify Pattern function to parameter settings menus (Shift+A, or Shift+B for filter)
    This function sets either the selected parameter or all parameters for either the selected track or all tracks to the current fader/knob values throughout the whole pattern.
  • Added Live Parameter Record Overwrite feature
    While recording (not in playback), in level or pitch fader mode, press A to enable level or pitch overwrite and press B to enable filter overwrite. Then, pressing the pad will change the parameter values in the pattern to the current fader or knob values as the track is triggered in the pattern. See the manual for details.
  • Sync
    • External clock sources are now functional
    • MIDI note input is now functional
    • Added support for MMC
    • Added pattern change message setting
    • For full details, see the PDF User Manual, and the Video User Manual Part 9.

The User Manual has been updated to reflect all of the above. Additional detail has been added to some other sections as well.


2021-02-09 Update

  • Fixed resampled sounds sometimes having beginning cut off and click at end
  • Fixed repeat in multi mode
  • Fixed pressing pad while editing fader mode settings canceling editing
  • Fixed Sticky-Shift+Arrow not scrolling whole menu like Shift+Arrow does
  • Fixed issue when changing a folder in resample or save menu
  • Fixed tempo off with force start after external clocking
  • Added cellphone-like entry of numbers to text editor
    Zero key cycles through numbers like F4-F9 cycle through letters
    Hold Shift and press zero for Help

2021-02-21 Update


  • Fixed visual glitch when deleting a file with a scrolling file name
  • Fixed not showing gated on immediately after assigning a looped sound to a track
  • Fixed tempo not changing when pattern changes
  • Fixed starting LiveLoops with external sync
  • Fixed USB Host disconnect issue
  • Fixed loading of default kit when no SD card present
  • Fixed changing other folder in resample or sample save
  • Fixed envelope editor reversed F1 and F1-long-press
  • Fixed glitch when pressing fader mode keys while in envelope editor help
  • Fixed glitch when exiting help on sampler screen
  • Fixed tempo decimals editing in step program
  • Fixed not resetting normalize when pressing pad in waveform view
  • Fixed waveform view when saving sample and assigning to same pad
  • Fixed note off in multi mode

Changes & New Features

  • InputMon automatically muted during resampling
  • Added resample to Track properties menu
  • New MIDI monitor in Sync Menu
  • Shift+Arrows/Encoder adjusts decimal numbers by one (tempo remains the opposite)
  • Added waiting message until actually connected in MSC mode
  • Added fader lock to waveform editor (F9)
  • More click reduction

Manual is updated.


2021-02-27 Update

  • Fixed normalize for new samples
  • Fixed pitch/filter settings not respected for long sounds in waveform editor
  • Fixed gate mode not working if track MIDI sync mode is none
  • Fixed bug recording filter modulation
  • Fixed entering numbers with number keys
  • Improved responsiveness of pressing pads in waveform editor
  • Show disconnects in MSC mode

2021-03-17 Update


  • Fixed non decimal numeric entry graphic glitch
  • Fixed behavior of F4/F6 for slice 1/8 in waveform editor multi mode
  • Fixed folder navigation bug
  • Fixed sample info wrong if sample missing
  • Fixed new sample display name hieroglyphics
  • Fixed mixdown overriding to stereo when loading project
  • Fixed lock start/end symbol appearing for new sample
  • Fixed mute/solo LEDs after exiting MSC mode to song mode
  • Fixed keys in pan help not being ignored and overwriting the screen
  • Fixed LiveLoop solo
  • Fixed A&B LEDs bug when playing LiveLoops
  • Fixed shift+pad in settings not switching between track and LiveLoop settings
  • Fixed shift+pad for long sounds in wave editor
  • Fixed quant shift bugs
  • Dont send clock out during count-in

Changes & New Features

  • Track Settings from Settings menu defaults to last pressed pad
  • Allow insert key (F2) when cursor at end of text in text editor
  • Press F1 to change the sign of numeric settings
  • File Browser remembers selected file next time it is displayed
  • Minor edits to User Manual

S2400_20210317.upd (608.4 KB)



2021-07-15 Update


  • Fixed truncated or missing files when resampling after saving a slice of a new sample
  • Fixed click when muting/soloing
  • Fixed pause when committing LiveLoop record buffer
  • Fixed LiveLoops only recording when Run/Stop pressed, not when Rec/Edit+Run/Stop pressed
  • Fixed graphic glitch when entering fine pitch with number keys
  • Fixed bug changing sign of fine pitch not setting pitch immediately
  • Fixed bug when pressing play from sample analysis screen
  • Fixed bug with gated notes during a pattern copy
  • Fixed pattern copy not copying tempo or name
  • Fixed not allowing override button for filter/pitch/level to be pressed while viewing settings
  • Fixed reset of gated when changing sample
  • Fixed transposed pitch wrong after resampling
  • Fixed cumulative pitch bug in step edit when track is transposed
  • Fixed song not correctly following external clock
  • Fixed tempo change at end of song repeat group bug
  • Fixed playhead not being drawn after exiting song mode forum link
  • Fixed Tap/Repeat key exiting file browser forum link
  • Fixed bug when saving a small slice from a large sound and assigning it to same pad forum link
  • Fixed all faders affect pitch in multi mode bug forum link
  • Fixed bug in step edit that affected parameters of more than the selected step forum link
  • Fixed bug in waveform editor when start and end are both zero for long sounds forum link
  • Fixed clicking sound on some samples forum link
  • Fixed F8&F9 LED bug when stopping pattern in waveform editor forum link
  • Fixed playhead not being drawn after exiting song mode forum link
  • Fixed new sample play start point forum link
  • Fixed swing not set correctly until pattern switch forum link
  • Fixed LED error when pressing run on an empty song forum link

Changes & New Features

  • Song Mode
    • Songs can now have swing change events
    • Added song copy feature, including copying a song to a pattern (press the Copy key in Song mode)
    • Added popup notification when adding pattern to song from pattern mode (F2)
  • Sampling
    • All sampler settings are visible without scrolling (Enter=Tab as usual)
    • New samples now play on the same channel during editing as the sampling input monitor. forum link
    • Pressing Sample key from waveform editor closes both the editor and sample screens
    • Added sampling-specific input mon settings to main inputmon menu
      Previously only viewable by pressing Input Mon key from sample mode
  • Waveform Editor
    • Loop reps is now on-screen, not in a popup
    • Fader lock changed to F8 for consistency
    • In multi mode, the location of other slices is shown on the scroll bar
    • Back+Pad now resets points to what they were when the editor was first displayed
      This is useful for undoing changes after unintentionally moving a fader.
    • When saving a slice to a new project, name now defaults to original file name, not Sample001
  • Swing
    • Swing is now per pattern
    • When recording, notes now play in time with swing
    • Note Repeat is now in time with swing
    • Live erase of notes is now in time with swing
  • Quick Settings
    • Hold Swing key and use Arrows/Encoder to change pattern swing without going into menu
    • Hold Quantize key and use Arrows/Encoder to change default quantization without going into menu
  • Double-click top row keys for quick access to most common setting or action, without navigating through the menu
    • Metronome: toggle the metronome on/off for current mode (running, recording, sampling)
    • Settings: display the Organize Tracks screen
    • File: display the File Browser
    • Sync: toggle the clock source between internal and the last selected external source
    • Input Mon: toggle monitoring on/off
    • Pan: auto-pan
  • Pattern Copy
    • Patterns can now be copied while playing
    • Added feature to copy a pattern from another project
    • Can now duplicate pattern events from pattern length screen (in addition to copy screen)
  • Step Program
    • Gated notes now fully supported, including in TR mode
    • Added only play current measure (F5), measure follows cursor
    • Added play from cursor position (Shift+F5)
  • Step Edit
    • Now showing pad number forum link
    • Added a numerical view for editing all parameters (press F2 to toggle views)
    • Added nudge step function
  • LiveLoops
    • LiveLoops are now toggled with F4 (not F7), because the LiveLoop bank is D and Bank+4 goes to bank D
      Apologies to anyone with F7 muscle memory.
    • LiveLoop Record Buffer level added to Input Mon screen (can be set to zero/silent)
    • Added LiveLoop record mode: Latched, Momentary, and Fixed-Length
    • Added LiveLoop arm record feature, recording starts when pattern starts
  • Added display of total length of loaded samples to settings menu
  • Added cutoff, resonance, level, and loop/slice settings to their respective mode settings screens (Shift+A/B)
  • Added only play current measure function (F5 from Pattern or Step Program mode)
  • Added playback override for level
  • Added Auto-Pan F9, pans channel pairs left and right if there are any stereo tracks and no mono tracks on those channels
  • In the text editor, long-press F1 to clear (no longer Shift+F1)
  • Pressing Back+Pad (track reset) in Multi Mode now resets the eight multi parameters for the current fader mode forum link
  • Shift+Back (stop samples) also does a MIDI panic when a MIDI bank is selected
  • Added brief popup confirmation of track erase (Erase+Pad)
  • The Rec/Edit key now blinks during count-in
  • Added Stop&Save option to the “Cannot Save While Running” message
  • Added stop on mute track setting
    Now short sounds can optionally finish their decay when muted. Defaults to off if the sound is less than one second.
  • Improved filter cutoff knob curve
  • Improved dynamic pad response
  • Added dynamic pads minimum level percent global setting (previously hard-coded at 12%)
  • Added preview sound output settings (press F5 in file browser)
  • Added new Organize Tracks feature which replaces the old Track Move/Copy feature
  • Added Undo/Redo for pattern editing
  • Sync
    • Note numbers in Sync settings can now be entered with the numeric keys
    • Added MIDI control port (in addition to channel)
    • Added MIDI CC/NRPN control of all track parameters
    • Added slice per note MIDI mode for sample tracks
      The configured note plays the main slice, the eight notes above that play a multi slice
  • MIDI Tracks
    • Up to four banks, set in global settings
    • Press Shift+Pad to configure tracks
  • USB Audio
    • The S2400 outputs 10 channels of USB Audio. The first two are a stereo mix (like the headphones), and 3-10 are the eight individual channel outs (not through the classic analog filters).
    • Input Mon allows monitoring of stereo USB Audio from a computer
    • Input Mon (from jacks) can be routed to USB audio
    • Sampling allows recording of stereo USB Audio from a computer
    • LiveLoops can record USB Audio from a computer
  • On-screen Help updated and expanded
  • MIDI Implementation Chart created
  • User Manual updated and expanded

S2400_20210715.upd (704.5 KB)



2021-08-12 Update


  • Fixed missed pad presses, and sensitivity setting
  • Improved dynamic pad response, but still working on improving it further
  • Constrained pattern length in pattern copy forum link
  • Constrained pattern length when copying song to pattern forum link
  • Fixed swing bugs forum link
  • Fixed pressing pad in Swing settings changing selection if same pad pressed forum link
  • Fixed Stop&Save in song mode forum link
  • Fixed Run/Stop LED on when sampling with metronome forum link
  • Fixed slices wrong after resampling & assigning, forum link1 link2
  • Fixed text editor case bug forum link
  • Fixed bug saving slices allowing changing to a midi bank forum link
  • Fixed continue forum link
  • Fixed organize not moving/copying override, mute, solo forum link
  • Fixed TR Mode bugs forum link
  • Fixed Mute/Solo in Nudge and Step Edit numeric view forum link
  • Fixed Step Edit bugs with multiple nudgings
  • Fixed Step Edit bugs changing pitch with encoder
  • Fixed capital letters converting to underscores with sysEx track name change
  • Fixed Stop&Save from Track Settings (or any screen other than Pattern or Song)
  • Fixed MIDI tracks not sending note off in step program
  • Fixed load kit (and project) not returning to same folder

Changes & New Features

  • Added option to send metronome to USB forum link
  • Added USB Mix Out First/Last setting to global settings - defaults to mix last!
  • Added Mute Analog Outs setting to USB Audio InputMon settings
    Note: analog outs are only muted if option is checked and USB monitoring is on
  • Input monitor double-click now turns off both analog and USB, and turns on whatever was turned off in the last double-click forum link
  • Added max sample time setting forum link
  • Standardized undo behavior in Edit Step Parameters (save now automatic)
  • Added next/prev step F-keys to Edit Step Parameters and nudge
  • In Track Settings, changing bank now changes track being edited
  • In Organize Tracks, the bank now follows the cursor, and vice versa forum link
  • Added space to F9 in text editor forum link
  • Added file exists warning saving new samples or slices
  • Added pattern length display to Copy screen
  • Changed 256t to Fine
  • Added MIDI Control of Mute and Solo
  • Added MIDI Control of Live Loops
  • MIDI Implementation Chart updated
  • User Manual updated

S2400_20210812.upd (704.5 KB)