Liveloop division initialization problem after loading project

I usually create music with a BPM below 100BPM, with pattern lenghts of 8 or 16 measures. Since the looper cannot record more than 19.4 secs, I’m stuck with setting a division of 2 or 4 to get out of trouble in looperland. Division set to 1 will get me unwanted overdubs at unwanted locations, gaps, even neighbor loop tracks getting overwritten, etc. That’s all good, I will stick to lower loop lenghts. But I still want to use longer patterns.

So that’s where the divisions come in and it works for what I need.

But after I load a project to get busy on it again, the division setting does not work correctly anymore. The UI displays the correct setting, but the audio engine does not know about it. So the looper will not loop for the entire pattern.

When I change the division to another value and then back to 2 (or 4), the audio engine also knows about it and everything is back to normal.

So there must be some initialization issue with the division setting in the audio engine. Or the UI layer is responsible for the initialization, but does not report it to the audio engine.

Thanks. Fixed in dev.