Live loops don’t loop correctly after duplicating pattern

I have a 2 bar pattern and have recorded a liveloop going over the two bars, if I now double the pattern (copy pattern to itself function or duplicate pattern) the 2 bar live loop only plays over the first 2 of 4 bars.

The loop itself doesn’t need to be longer, just that I want it to continue looping over the whole pattern which would be logical as it’s a looper :slight_smile:

If you set the division to 2 the live loop only plays the 1st of 4 bars.

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i only used the loopers as live samplers before i boxed mine up but i think you need to save the loop as a sample to allow duplication mate

Yes that works as sort of a workaround for now, but a pretty tedious one. The best way would be if the looper continued looping the audio if the pattern is extended.

I saw another feature request on here of someone asking to instead of having the division setting, make it a value of bars that will be looped. Then that would solve the problem of extending the pattern when having stuff in the looper.

You boxed your up meaning putting it back in the box?

Or how could you use the looper before taking it out of the box?

Hehe I’m confused

Bumping this hoping it to get fixed soon! @Mickey

i am interested to see if there is something to fix or even if there is a solution

omg i replied 28 days later dum dum duuuuum, still not seen my 2400 returned… :nauseated_face:

The last updates didn’t fix this so I’m hoping the next one will!

For now I just have to remember to extend the pattern before I start using the looper if I want something longer than the initial pattern length. But that’s not ideal since you might want to extend the pattern and add some variations after you recorded your loops.

keep piling on the pressure and justifying the reasons

did you consider sending the looped track out and back into a new loop track in order to extend?

again i am flying blind with no machine in my hand,s but that should be possible and is a ‘live / right here and right now’ solution, can happen as and when you feel the need with no fwd planning required

Is it a sequenced pattern or a sample loop?

It’s a live-loop. Try for yourself. Have a 2 bar pattern playing, record a live-loop and then duplicate the pattern. The live-loop will only play the first 2 out of 4 bars.

That’s not possible either I’m afraid.

eeerrrrrr poop :frowning:

eh oh - without machine here i cannot think through any other possible solutions, i am sure you have been down all avenues anyway so its not like i can offer anything you likely havent considered

Sounds like you’re talking about 2 things - patterns and loops (samples). Your live loop is one length. You are changing the pattern length… that won’t change your live loop length.
You can loop your live loop any number of times, or you can use song mode to arrange the track.

Apologies in advance if I misunderstood.

Yes I think you might have misunderstood. I’m not talking about looped sample, it’s the live-looper tracks I’m talking about :slight_smile:

The logical thing for a live loop would be to continue looping if you extend the pattern. So if you start out with a 2 bar pattern and record a live loop over the two bars, if you now double the pattern length the 2 bar live loop should play twice over the (now) 4 bar pattern.

The length of the live loop audio itself should and is of course still only 2 bars, it’s just that it should loop two times when the pattern now is 4 bars, but it doesn’t.

Even if you delete that loop and record a new live loop over the 4 bar pattern, the last to bars will be cut of when you commit the live loop in buffer memory (hitting A button on the live loop track)

It will only work if you extend the pattern to the desired length before doing anything with the live-looper tracks.

Must be a bug since it’s kind of weird for a looper to behave this way and I can’t see any scenarios where you would want a looper to work this way.

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If you are recording, it is a sample - an audio waveform.
Also page 40 in the manual might help…

A Live Loop can be the full length of the pattern (one division), or it can be a fraction of the pattern length. For example, if divisions is set to two, then the Live Loop will be half the length of the pattern, and will play twice each time the pattern plays through.

Maybe check the divisions setting.

Alright it’s a sample, I was just trying to clarify that I’m not talking about regular samples being looped on a sample track.

I know about the division settings and that’s not the problem. If you set the division to 2 the live loop will only play for the first out of 4 bars in the example I’ve described above.

Try it for yourself and I think you will know what I’m trying to say.

So basically it’s like the live-looper mode still think the pattern is only 2 bars even though you have extended the pattern.

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Ok, I’ll try it when I get my machine :laughing:

I’ve been ready the manual quite a bit. Hope you get it sorted.

Hehe your in for a treat!

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Digging this from the vault to the top again. This problem is still there in the latest firmware.

Is it possible to use the division field for this and make it switch to a multiplication field when applicable? So when scrolling left past 1, switch the fieldname to ‘multiplication’ and show value 2 (or higher if you are in a scenario where that applies).