How to combine long looper tracks with short patterns?

The extended looper time is awesome! Many times I lacked just a few seconds for a desired length. With the new firmware, the problem is gone!

However, now I’m struggling with having to program too long patterns. See, sometimes the project starts with a loop and sometimes with a beat. So it would be beneficial to separate their lengths. So, for example, one could record an 8-bar loop, then work on a base 2-bar pattern, try different things out, then maybe extend it to a 4-bar one with some variations etc.

It seems to me that such use case is not covered. Or am I missing something?

There had been a couple of requests already to change the loop length making it bar-based instead of pattern-based(*). I would like to emphasize once again the importance of such approach as it may solve the abovementioned problem.

(*) I would keep the division of the total length as an option though, it’s a very cool feature!

For the reference, here are the other topics with requests from @Petur, @Melkerpetterson and @captainjc going in the same direction:

Also, switching to bar-based lengths may help solve the issue raised here:

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I agree, that would be great!