Looper Track Length

There is already the option for divisions of track length with the looper. In a 4 bar pattern, for example you can have looper tracks of 1/2 (2 bar), 1/4 (1 bar), 1/8 (1/2 bar/2 beats in 4/4), or 1/16 (1/4 bar/1 beat in 4/4).

I propose changing it from divisions to number of beats. In the same 4 bar pattern, the options would be 1, 2, 3… any number up to 16 (the number of beats in the pattern). This way you could have tracks that loop odd numbers of beats that are not ratios of the pattern length.

If you have a pattern that is 16 beats (4 bars), you could have a 9 beat track of hi hats and then your entire pattern would not repeat itself until it reaches 144 beats (9*16), or 36 bars. Yay for variation.

Thanks for considering.


+1 for this, please