Set live loopers pattern length globally per project

It think it would be better if the live loopers pattern length would be set globally per project instead of being tied to the currently selected patterns length. I Believe this would make more sense since the live loop recordings are global for the project anyways.

Currently it is very confusing working with the live looper in a project that has patterns with different length. A lot of weird bugs, crashes and very unpredictable behaviour. And only certain parts of the live looper buffers are looped depending on the current patterns length etc.

I assume it would also be simpler to limit the live loops pattern length in relation to the max size of the live loop buffers if the live loop pattern length would be global per project. Currently if you have a pattern length that is longer in time than the max live loop length (19-ish seconds) the live looper becomes practically unusable, the machine constantly freezes and the live looper behaves totally unpredictable.

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Or instead of having the division setting deciding the loop lengths for each looper track, just have that setting be a number of bars instead.

So you just set the number of bars to loop for each track. If the number of bars you want to loop is more than the memory allows there can be a warning or something.

And hopefully we’ll be able to sacrifice bank C for more live-loop memory in the future.

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Come to think of it. Doing it this way (setting lengths for each looper track) it seems it would be possible to also allocate different amounts of memory per track. Enabling longer than 19-ish second loops if not all tracks are used, or if some of them are set to be shorter.

Yes that would be very nice. There’s been some talk about also sacrificing bank C for using that memory to looper tracks to. That would be awesome since I never use bank C anyway.

It would also be very cool if you could choose what bar/bars to loop. So you can record a percussion loop over 8 bars and choose the best 2 bars to loop. Similar to how you slice a sample, but it could be quantized to bars or 1/4.

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Or to have a live loop record mode whereby it continuously records until you press rec off loops however many bars you just played. So you don’t have to predefine your loop length

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