Live looping cuts of last 3 beats of any of my recorded "loops"

WaveSlicer here again…
Similar to the [Melkerpetterson post about Live Looping…
I have a 16 bar pattern and
I have sounds on Banks A and B
I have Live looping active
I am recording my loop in
My recorded loop stops recording the last 3 beats before looping.
I am wondering what I did wrong here. I need to hear those last beats. It sounds like I am muting it.

I may be misunderstanding the issue but is it possible your pattern is longer than 19.4 seconds?

“Each loop can be up to 19.4 seconds, which is 8 measures, assuming 4/4 time and a tempo of 100 BPM or faster. If the pattern is longer than that, the Live Loops will be shorter than the pattern.”


Ah!! Eazyian thanks !
Well…let me check that out and see if that helps out!

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As the guy above says your loop is probably longer than the memory allows.

There’s a request for the possibility to also sacrifice bank C in addition to bank D to give more memory for longer live loops and hopefully stereo looper tracks, give that a vote :slight_smile: