Live looping limits

I’m digging the fuck out of the live looper and just encountered the 19.4 second temporary memory buffer limitations for the first time. If I’m looping an 8 bar loop(120bpm) it’s not a problem but for 16 bar tracks I hit that wall and my input goes silent until the loop comes around again.

Just wondering if this is something that’s even possible to bus out to the sd slot? Can I look forward to longer loops in the future or is this simply a limitation of the hardware I need to accept and live with?



in the meantime you can employ 2 looper pads side by side @ 8 bars each

Good call. I was thinking I’d have to keep my verses 8 bars and hadn’t considered recording in batches.

How would you do that? Both looper tracks would only record from the start of the pattern until the memory runs out right?

You can’t really set a loop track to record the last 8 bars of a 16 bar pattern?

There have been some talk about the possibility to also sacrifice bank C in addition to ban D to give loops more memory but I don’t know if they are working on that or not.

Brad said stereo live loops are coming in the next FW so I guess they figurered out some way to give the loops more memory. Or maybe stereo live loops can only be half as long but I don’t hope so.

The main disadvantage in live looper for me, besides the problem outlined in the original post, is that I cannot crossfade samples with reverb tail. When looping guitars, I would personally like to have an ability to record loops slightly longer than the allotted number of bars so that the transitions between start and end points of loops are smoother.


One thing that is a problem for me that iv’e experienced is when in live loop, recording with other samplers theres some backround noise during playback on the s2400

I have yet to try it myself but my understanding was that since the input is gated, it won’t start recording until you start making noise.

So if you wait till bar 9 on a 16 bar loop to start recording you should be good to record in the second half and in a separate looper pad you would record the first half.

When I first ran into the time limitations I noticed that it would still loop the entire 16 bars and just insert silence on the parts that were outside the limits of its memory. So on playback it’s still looping 16 bars and in theory you can fill the entire 16 bars by utilizing two pads and making sure your loop doesn’t start till the 9th bar.

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A potential work around could be to temporarily make your pattern one or two bars longer than it’s meant to be with just silence on the extra bars.

Then go back into looper, track in your guitar with tails in the newly found extra space.

Then save the live loops as a sample on a pad, go back and truncate your pattern to be the regular length and now you have pads with guitars longer than the pattern.

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I agree and I thought about this but never wanted to go down that road, haha! I just want to loop guitar with drums playing since my timing is particularly horrible and it’s even more difficult with reverbs (think shoegaze). The problem with this approach is that it isn’t easy to pull off in live looping context, i.e. when you are jamming with someone.

Another problem with this appeoach is that I am looping 8 bars at 120 bpm. I think I am at a limit and wouldn’t be able to record more bars.

I could also make the pattern 2 bars longer and have drums playing and truncate the pattern later. However, the question still stands, Do we have a way to crossfade end of sample with its start?

The way I am currently handling this is as follows: I play the full pattern first to build up the wet signal. Once the pattern starts over, I have someone press the record button to record a loop and stop once the pattern is finished praying to reverb gods that there won’t be an audible click and that the person stopped the recording at the right time without overwriting the beginning portion of the loop. Both of those things never happen, as you might understand :smiley:

Another approach, which is considerably simpler, is to record dry and have a dedicated out for the pedal board. Although, I think loops will have to get saved and added to a pattern in order to assign an output for that.

Unfortunately, the downside for that is that my pedalboard will become unavailable the moment the loop is recorded, so I won’t be able to add any other guitar parts with tweaked pedals…

I know I probably want too much from this unit and I haven’t ever had a looper of any sort. However, I’m enjoying this one and I wish it had a bit more functionality in that regard. It has fueled my creativity and I made about 6-7 sketches with layers of guitars and synths :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work, there’s no gated record in the live looper tracks. Only when sampling.

And I don’t get how temporarily exdending the pattern would help either?

If you don’t set the track to record at fixed length it just overdubs automatically right?

So you could just let the guitar reverb ring out when the pattern repeats and then stop recording.

But then you will also hear the reverb tail in the beginning of the pattern when you hit play. But it will probably sound more natural as it loops.

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No you don’t have to assign the loop to a sample track to set it’s outputs. You can set which output each live loop will play through separetely. Shift+pad in live loop bank and it’s in the settings menu.

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I’m not sure which loop recording mode I have it set to, but I think it the tail ends up overwriting the beginning of the loop for me. I’ll try this out. Thanks!

As for the outputs, that’s good to know. I think it’s been a while since I used my unit. Although, that’s still not going to work for me because a given pedal will be locked in for use with a given loop. Most of the times I use same pedals for different loops but the pedals’ parameters are not the same.

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There is a mode were it just adds to the loop as it repeats without overwriting, I think it’s the mode called immediately. That might work a bit better but a crossfade feature would be great anyway!

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