Feature Request: Live Loops longer than 19.4 seconds

If possible in firmware update, it would be really nice to have greater than 19.4 seconds for maximum loop time. At medium to slower BPMs (around 85 bpm or less), it’s not enough time to capture 8 bar loops, and pretty much impossible to do any looping over eight bars in length.

Maybe if it streamed the loop directly to SD card?, or some other solution? It would be great to have 45+ seconds of stereo loop capability… or even longer, if possible… even if it had to requires some menu settings toggle that has a tradeoff… ie: auto bounces/commits the loop recording to the track… would be nice to have some option to get access to longer loops.


I had this same issue trying to record live into 8 bars which is common for me – but I think they store live loop in ram and that’s the max time.

my work around was having to do 8 bars in two 4 bar live loop.


Would like this too


Yes, please💗

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I would love if this became a reality!