8 bar Looper audio cutoff

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone else has this issue. When I record an instrument in “Live Looper” mode using 8 bars for some reason it seems to cut off the input signal of the last bar.

I watched the video manual on youtube and it looks like the term “Length” has changed to “divisions” in the “Live Loop Setting” Menu.

Is this the source of my problems?

Can anyone help?


The Live Loops have a limit of 19.4 seconds. For 8 bars, you would have to have a tempo of 100 BPM or higher. A lower BPM than that, for 8 bars, would be longer than 19.4 seconds.

Ah I see thats good to know thank you.

I am currently running at 85BPM so that would make sense.

All the best