Sacrifice sample Banks for extra live looping memory


After discussing with Mickey Delp on Facebook we talked of the limitations in live looping time and wether it might be improved. Mickey suggested that perhaps a pad could be sacrificed to give extra time on the live looper and I suggested perhaps even a whole bank (like bank C) could be sacrificed in order to increase recording buffer within the looper.

A few others chimed in and mentioned perhaps stereo live looping could then also be implemented for synths etc!

This would be amazing if these actually could be implemented!!


This would be amazing, making it an even more powerful production tool.

It’s a little bummer when you want to record your synth sequences and they play back in mono.


+1… YES!!!
The option / ability to sacrifice bank C, to get more live looping time, would be awesome.

I don’t have any interest in stereo live looping.


Yes please to more live loop time length!! :slight_smile:

This would be great! I love the live looper in the SP2400. But the 19,4 sec max loop loop length is certainly limiting in a lot of cases. Ideally i would like to see the possibility to sacrifice multiple sample banks (user definable) for even longer live loops.