Different input for each pad in Live Looper

Not sure if this is possible (or if it has been discussed - didn’t see it) but I would like to have the input source be pad specific on the live looper. This way I can setup each instrument ahead of time and then just switch pads to record the specific part.

So for example:

  • pad 1 would could be set to Input 1&2 stereo (maybe a stereo synth)

  • pad 2 set to input 3&4 left only merged (mono synth or guitar)

  • pad 3 set to input 3&4 right only merged (bass)


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That would be great! But the looper tracks can only record mono so your stereo synth won’t be stereo after being recorded unfortunately.

I really wish it will be possible to sacrifice bank C in addition to bank D to give more memory for the looper. For either longer mono loops or stereo loops.

Stereo tracks for the looper is first on my list for future improvements.


Disappointing about the stereo bit but I still think the feature would be useful.

Yes it would be very useful indeed! And hopefully we’ll get stereo looper tracks in the future.

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