Live Loop Mono/Stereo Functionality

So the manual states that the live looper records a mono signal, and that selecting “stereo” on monitor will result in an L+R signal. Just wanted to ask, is this still true with the increased polyphony? or can we now record a stereo live loop to D1, and another to D2, etc?


Still true


It sounds like stereo live looping is on the way now!


Cool. Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:
I wish there was official communication on the official forum though.
Always need to go to Facebook or Insta or somewhere else to get information.

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I hope to see live looping for phono in the near future. I have a few samplers that are phono and it would also be a plus to record from a turntable as well.

Fuck yes!! My biggest wish :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: