Live Features Request

Hi all

First off, congrats and thanks for this wonderful machine and the continuous effort to make it even better! With the announcement of another major firmware upgrade in the near future I’d like to give one or two more ideas, in case there’s still room for that.

For live use it would be amazing if the looper could be used freely like a basic looper pedal where the first loop will define the length of the pattern. This could for example be done while playback is off and when you hit the play button, it will automatically set the tempo such that it fits the length of the loop. I’ve seen this function on the Octatrack, called something like tempo sync, and it’s an amazing way to do completely free parts that seemlessly merge into a grid with samples and midi stuff.

Another great feature that I’ve seen requested before would be the live conversion of loops to samples so that there are more options to manipulate live recorded loops.

Third and last is something that maybe I’m missing a workaround for, but in the DAW I often jam along to a loop on whatever instrument and once I feel that I’ve had one or two good passes I’ll stop and go grab those. So on the S2400 this would either have to be done by being able to hear other tracks looping while recording in sampling mode or by using live loop mode but with the ability to have a loop be something like 10x the pattern lenght or more, so that you don’t start overdubbing after one pattern lenght. Please let me know if this can already be done somehow.


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