Live looping in the live context

Hi all
Going through as many scenarios as I can with the s2400 in order to apply it to the live scenario… Which is why I really got it…

One of the scenarios is to be able to live loop vocals… I absolutely love the interface of the s2400 for this. But trying to avoid making a mess for myself onstage while managing drum banks on say bank A and B
(If only there was a way to assign a loop channel to drum bank A🙏)

Anyone have any tips with this sort of approach?
many thanks

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Being able to mix and match track types inside banks is something I’ve expressed the desire for in the past.
It’s something that will probably eventually be looked at, but it would be a lot of work because it would require a lot of re-coding in some fundamental areas of the S2400.
Not something that’s going to happen for some time I think.


One workaround could be to have an external midi controller setup to give you access to more than 8 tracks at a time, at least for mute/solo and volume purposes. Something I’m keen to try.