2400 in a live set

Anyone put any thought into how they might use the s2400 in a live situation. I haven’t quite figured out how you would make it work - especially since now there is no way of copying patterns from your beat projects into a live set project.

Curious if anyone has a more creative way?

The easiest might be to portions of patterns of tracks as stems and put them in different banks with the first few channels being drums and then the last 1-2 melodic samples as stems perhaps.

If the machine could freeze/save or resample a track and assign the full audio stem that might be a fun way to get started.

Just spitballing…

I’m currently trying to work out how to use S2400 in a live set. Will let you know when I’ve figured it all out! Just got a 1010 Bluebox to act as mixer; not sure yet if I’ll have an external sequencer (expecting Cirklon very soon) or not but plan to also integrate a couple of synths (likely 2 of TT-303, Monolgue, Model-D, Hydrasynth), Eventide H9 as a send from BlueBox and maybe my Analog Rytm (but maybe just drums from 2400).

I think the S2400 could work well in a live set if you were to use it solely to trigger drum sounds or samples from that are being sequenced from an external source. I would be cautious though and keep that fader lock enabled because booming bass could make the tunings jump around as could any pad smacking. I’d probably not use it live myself just because replacing it right now could take a year if anything happens to it and that Ableton or Akai MPC Live set up may be a better option until you can get one in your hands like anything else from GC or Sam Ash.

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I just a video of someone using it in a live situation. it looks like he has the main outs going through the model one and all parts playing as needed using the faders as a volume control.


oh thats me!
Im trying to figure out how to use it live too, since i do only improvisation sets. This machine has LOT of features and i need to get comfortable yet, but i see potential.


Ha I wondered if you posted here in the forum… it seems a good number of us do. I hope you continue to post about using it in a live context on the fly. I think a lot of people are interested in those possibilities. I’m not an octatrack user but it makes sense that would be a natural pairing for that type of improv set up.

it will sit (proudly i hope) next to my 2 x OT and gold 1200s, i use my OT all the time with my decks - will see how the 2400 fares whenever it gets here

cool little jam/vibe

@fredweb1979 - I love that jam/vibe too and your other videos with the vermona are excellent (made me want to buy it :slight_smile: ). Cool to see you on here.

I guess in the current way the machine is set up you really need some other device (or ableton) to fill in the empty spaces or transitions like you did so you could potentially load different projects (songs) or have certain things set up as stems would work too.

Either way interested to see how people make it work - there are amazingly creative people here I am sure someone will come up with something interesting.

Similar to using an MPC in a live situation, i did this just with the unit triggering samples and sequences


Yea this was great - love seeing it used for house music!!

Will be doing a lot more on it, once the USB audio drops! :smiley:

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Can’t help but think he’s also got everything sent through that CXM 1978 on the desk behind him :joy: - that reverb sounds SO good

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