Alternate ways of using the 2400

Hi all,
I’m on the current firmware which has been a great help but I’m still looking for a way to treat the 2400 like an instrument and after 2 years I still haven’t found it. But after owning MPC’s and Octatracks etc - I haven’t found it there either and I think the 2400 is closer than any of them.
I’m just putting this idea out there not as a another firmware suggestion but to see if any of you users see the value in it .
I love this machine but in terms of a drum machine I want to Drive it - not Program patterns into it as it’s just not spontaneous enough to make it feel like an instrument .
The dream is this…
Using note repeat set to On
Place a trigger at the start of each track
Have the Faders change the divisions of each track so when the fader is at the bottom position its 4/4 and when it’s at the top it divides into 32 (or whatever you want)
Press play and instead of programming /changing patterns you have the freedom to just move the faders and have different rhythmic divisions happen and let that be the core of the performance, moving back and forth in the tracks and being able to repeat the grooves depending on the fader positions.
Any thoughts would be most welcome


You might be able to achieve this if you’re willing to use an external MIDI processor like the Blokas MIDIHub. You’d have to make a patch on the MIDIHub that takes incoming notes, CC, and clock, send notes from a MIDI track on the S2400 to the MIDIHub, set the corresponding faders on the S2400 to send whatever CC you’ve set the MIDIHub patch to respond to, and then route the processed MIDI notes back to the S2400 to trigger a sample track.

This sounds dope and all, but the S2400 is a drum machine. Drum machines are instruments…for me, and just on general principle, part of the fun is having strict parameters or limitations on my creative process / the machine’s capabilities, and working within those limitations to do my thing. I don’t always think the answer is more “freedom” but more creativity!

At the same time I don’t want to knock your idea so that’s why I’m bumping the thread. It’s really inspiring reading all the ideas, this one included, y’all come up with on how to improve the user experience. Salute

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Aye! Thanks so much for this…never heard of it before now …been looking at it’s capabilities and it looks really flexible

Thanks again


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Yeah they’re powerful!

I’ve used a similar technique (without MIDI) on my modular—it’s really fun and expressive, and I think it could work nicely on the S2400 if a patch for the MIDIHub could be worked up

Fantastic… That’s just what I need…just ordered one!

Love the idea!

If you already possess an iPad, check out the Audeonics suite of MIDI tools. Some of what they offer is scriptable, so virtually anything you can imagine can be fed back into the 2400, assuming the 2400 MIDI spec is capable enough to respond?

I just noticed, their flagship product MIDIFire is also a MacOS app.
Here’s a partial list of features:

Essential processing modules for channelising, filtering, transposing, ‘monofying’, remapping and monitoring - or create your own. All included with the standard app.

A highly accurate remotely controllable MIDI clock source.

Save your work into recallable/re-usable scenes. Share your scenes with other devices, computers and people. Switch between your scenes via configurable MIDI program change messages.

Download even more functionality within the app for free using the ‘Scenes Club’ for useful and special-purpose scenes that you can incorporate into your workflow.

Initiate and connect Bluetooth MIDI sessions within the application.

Define multiple virtual CoreMIDI ports to segregate your MIDI streams.