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First off – Finally got the machine. AMAZING. The sound is like nothing else. Learning curve from the MPC but im getting used to it. With the exception of some bugs and features this box is awesome. Great job guys, happy to be apart of this. Anyway, I read through most of the forum regarding feature requests, I compiled a list of my own – some of which have been mentioned, however others I havent seen. I don’t think they’re too tough to implement and I know you guys are doing great work with patches, fixes, and requests.

-TR Mode - Automatically move to the next bar (instead of manually turning the wheel) Atleast an option to do so

-Metronome - Count in timer

-LPF/HPF - I haven’t seen this unless I overlooked it. But filters on the samples them selves. Like the mpc does. ie. I have a sample, and want the bass line, i just filter the highs and voila. (the low pass filter i see doesn’t seem to do anything. what am I missing?)

-Assigning sample to pad without saving. Additionally, incrementing the pad on next assign.

-When saving, keep filename of previous name +1. ie. kick1, next save = kick2

-Layering - Ohhh i need this. a1 to trigger a2 (edit. realized w 8 poly this can’t be a thing)

  • Ability to resample internally the output of a whole pattern (not just a pad) use case to overcome the 8 poly limitation resample your drum loop plus any fx or sounds into 1 pad to free up 7 sounds.

-UNDO only 1 layer necessary . - How many times i record in a couple more kicks and theyre off and i just want to hit 1 key or combo to revert.

-Ability to copy whole banks to another. ie. A1-A8 to B1-B8

-Time stretch!

God – with these additions, may be just one of the best machine ever created (already is pretty much)


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The metronome count in has bothered me too. I wish it counted before the sequencer starts.

I haven’t found the perfect workflow yet but volume management is a bit complicated indeed. With mixer mode for real time adjustment, level mode for setting volume and override after recording. Unfortunately override is not ”real time". It works at the start of the event. Sor for long samples I edit volumes in step program. It lacks displayed values like pitch but I ve heard it is in the list. Something else, the waveform editor with the normalize window is accesible in loop/slice. So to sum up, four places to manage volume : mixer, level, step program and loop/slice normalize.

HPF and LPF are here. Check the manual.


Just to clarify for anyone reading the above comment.

There are three different types of volume. They are not the same, and so there are different ways to edit them.

  1. Normalize (in the waveform editor) changes the actual sample on the SD card.
  2. Mix mode is for live changes to the levels while retaining the relative levels in the pattern (like a mixer).
  3. The third type is the level that is recorded in the pattern.

There are 4 ways to change the levels recorded in the pattern.

  1. Playback Override is a performance feature that non-destructively changes the levels in the pattern during playback.
  2. Record Overwrite changes the levels that are recorded in the pattern in live, while the pattern plays and record is on.
  3. All levels in the pattern can be changed to the same value with the Modify Pattern option in the Level Settings menu (Shift+A while in level fader mode).
  4. Level can be changed for individual steps in the Step Editor.

RE: Metronome count in- You can adjust count in by any number of measures you like unless Im misunderstanding.

Yeah but the sequencer loops when pressing rec/edit + run/stop right?

I don’t know how other people use “count in” usually but from my mpc experience if I set one bar it counts 1,2,3,4 then starts playing and recording. Lauching a count in while the sequencer is running is strange to me.
That’s why I’ve requested arm recording. So I won’t have to wait for a count in, just arm then press a pad that starts recording. Efficient for a traditional worfklow :slight_smile:


I still don’t follow. I can enable record with no count in if the machine is playing. Hitting record + play during playback will immediately record. If playback is stopped, you get a count-in per the metronome settings. What is different about this and the MPC? Ive owned a 60 and 3000 but its been a year or 2 since I used either of those. It seems to work more or less the same as I remember though. On the SP there is no count in- you just have to hit record and let it loop around if you want to have a count in.

The sequencer doesn’t play any audio during the count in, but I guess the only thing that could seem confusing is the visual feedback? For example if you have a 2 bar pattern and you set a 1 bar count in, it shows the play head starting at bar 2 before looping back around to bar 1 to actually record.

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Thanks for your answer. I understand now. It’s like a legacy feature due to the lack of functions and buttons of the classic.

I will create a feature request for count in before sequencer start.

I ve taken two quick videos to show what I was saying above when using the MPC1K. It’s very handy when recording something on the first beat of the first bar without having to wait, especially when sequences are long. Sorry for the lack of sound and so on. It is almost 3 am here :ghost:

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If you put in a 1 bar pre count it won’t start recording until the 1 bar pre count is done.

Thank you. I got it now. It’s like it’s counted as minus from the first bar.

I understand my mistake. In my mpc it’s 4 beats, 1 bar. Hence the confusion I had when recording a blank 4/4 pattern in the s2400. I tought it was a count in of 4 beats but it was 4 bars :).

Sorry for your time and hijacking the topic :bowing_woman:

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can we have a „right only“ option for stereo samples too please?

I agree with the time stretch function and the ability to stack sounds on one pad

I don’t own a Akai MPC-1000, but a Akai MPC-2000.

I think what is confusing the end user is the visual display, where end-user can see the sequencer running, while it is counting in.

Example on Akai MPC2000, everything is on hold/standby visually and you hear only hear the count-in, when count-in is done, then all the visual starts running too.

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This is just a small feature req when you are able:

To quickly Toggle between Internal Clock and Midi Clock (or perhaps whatever sync source was previously enabled) SHIFT; double tap Sync button. This would negate the need to even open the menu.

It’s a small feature but my workflow does have its share of switching between Internal and External sync. Thanks.

I am really digging the feature set of the S2400. I also own an SP1200, I think it would be cool if ISLA could implement a CLASSIC mode where your sampling time could be limited to 2.5 seconds per pad and add the loop settings of Truncate mode to Loop Slice. Alot of happy accidents can come from this work flow which flourished in its limitations.

This has been discussed in another thread and Brad said he is absolutely not going to commit Dev time and code to creating 2.5 second limitation.


One other SP 1200 legacy request, that I think would be badass to have on the S2400. I am not sure if this has been addressed already. In Truncate mode(Loop/Slice) on the SP you could loop the very end of your sample and control the repetitions. It was almost like a having a delay with a feedback control. You could do some really cool things with a short sample where you had the tail of it looping. Think Pete Rock horn samples.


I would absolutely LOVE time stretching…I guess the new audio over usb will make the process slightly quicker (with the back and forth in DAW for time stretching back to S2400)


@kamalsound Looping has been a feature from day one.


The looping feature that I am suggesting is not possible on S2400. On the SP1200, the sample start and loop point are two different things.