32 Audio Tracks (any 8 playable at a time)

32 Audio Tracks (any 8 playable at a time)

Can someone explain to me what this spec means?

Just like the OG you can only play 8 sounds at one time so I get that.

What is meant by an audio track in the S2400?

Why are there 32 audio tracks (does that just mean sounds in pads) ?


Yes, 32 sounds in pads.

Yes but why are they being called tracks?

Yeah, the SP1200 just calls them sounds. Not sure why Brad calls them tracks.


I think the implication is that the S2400 holds a lot more audio per pad, so calling it a sound would be a bit understated.


I believe there is going to be a distinction between audio and MIDI tracks. IIRC @bradholland mentioned that the intent is for MIDI tracks to not have an impact on the audio polyphony.

“I think the implication is that the S2400 holds a lot more audio per pad, so calling it a sound would be a bit understated.”

Hmm, so this & the use of the word ‘tracks’ is going into DAW territory.

Maybe it’s to do with exporting stems over USB ?

I wouldnt overthink it too much. 8 voice poly plus midi is all I am thinking…


“I believe there is going to be a distinction between audio and MIDI tracks. IIRC @bradholland mentioned that the intent is for MIDI tracks to not have an impact on the audio polyphony.”

I would expect this to be the case.

I personally am hoping the S2400 can be a very easy to use standalone unit for my work flow, I’m hoping I can get rid of using midi all together.

Therefore I really don’t want to deal with any confusing midi track & audio track configuration settings.

You can load in 32 sounds (into each of the 8 pads across 4 banks)
So you can sequence 32 tracks, of which 8 can play at once.

sequencing of external gear will be performed by the addition of another bank which will be for MIDI tracks only.

Sorry for the confusion, hope this makes more sense.


Big thanks for the response Brad.

I’m sure it’s me being thick but I’m still confused! :wink:

I’m confused between a sound & the use of the word track?

I realise you can have 32 sounds (samples) & program them in the sequencer, assign them to the 8 individual outs, just like the OG.

So yeah I still don’t get what tracks are? Or why you would sequence 32 tracks if you can only play 8 back at a time?

Sorry as I I’m probably being a bit slow :snail:

the 8 is polyphony

the 32 is total count of samples (or tracks as used here) you can hold - 4x8

you can use any of the 32 tracks (see samples) so long as you are 8 poly or below - the tracks (see samples) will have their own information and are spread across banks A-D

track is a term - just accept it and don’t try to attach it to something else, terminology, same as scenes in elektron is different to scenes elsewhere, just words, adjust :+1:

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Tracks = samples (loaded in pad banks).

Cool, that’s all I needed to know.

Same as the OG apart from the terminology.

Still no idea why they’re being called tracks but no problem.

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I am very sorry. I’ll be that dummy again. I just want to make sure I undestand.

If my question irritate you, make sure not to answer as I am not here to irritate anyone, I simply dont get it.

So if I have 32 completely different samples laid on the 8 pads of the 4 banks ( A-D).

The limitation is that for example on sequence 1 at the very begining ( or any other moment in the sequence , but all 8 sample being played/triggered at the exact same time) I can only play 8 of the 32 samples of the banks at the same time ( ie being triggered by the midi sequence I am triggering on the 4 banks pads )

Is this correct ?

So If I , for example, trigger a 9th sound from the pads lets say 1/16th after the moment my 8 sounds were first triggered, as no other sound then the 9th sound is triggered, it will not be an issue as only the 9th sound will be triggered at that specific time in the sequence im recording. Is it how it work ?

Again, my apologies , I simply dont get it at all.

Some people talk about polyphony and I believe thats what I just described.

Some others seems to talk about All sounds possible to be triggered in a given sequence (8 total)…which is not what I just described. I can only imagine that this is not logic as someone laying and chopping a drum break on 8 pads couldnt had anything else.on a given sequence.

I do believe the idea really is ‘‘track = 8 note polyphony’’.

Right ?

All good man.

So you can only play 8 sounds at any one time.

Because there are only 8 output channels any other sound played at any other point in a sequence will cut off (or be cut off by) anything else on the same output channel.

This is the same as the OG SP12/1200.

It’s a limitation.

I’m surprised this has been kept on the S2400.

I think it’s gonna really annoy a lot of users who have never been used to the OG.

It does have its uses but I would have thought at least 16 Poly would have been good & then set your own cut off parameters for each sample.

I mean this is pretty basic stuff which was implemented into the MPC60 in 88.

Weirdly as far as I can see it’s the only limitation from the original SP12/1200 that’s been kept.


Thank you.

I understand. It really is 8 polyphony in the sense of the whole sequence as a whole.

So for example;
4/4 in a 4 bar sequence.
Track 1: Bank A pad 1 to 8 played every half bar for a full sequence of Drum break.
Track 2 : Bank B Pad 1 , Kick layered to punch on the drum break
Track 3 : Bank B pad 2 , Snare layered to punch on the drum break
Track 4 : Bank C Pad 1 to 8, Bass line
Track 5 : Bank D Pad 1 to 8 , Melodic sample sequencing
Track 6 : Bank B pad 3-4-5-6: FX
Track 7 : Bank B pad 7 : Extra melodic instrument laying down harmonies or punch.
Track 8 : Bank B pad 8 : Other Extra instrument laying down Harmonies or punch.

Then Im out of tracks, right ?

Basically its like if each track ( real life output from the back of the SP2400) is monophonic if I understand correctly ?

Interesting the way you work to me.

I assume you don’t come from an SP12/1200 background.

The way you’re describing would work (apart from FX on one output as they’re arn’t any FX in the S2400 as yet).

With only 8 poly there is not a lot of room for layering drums.

To do that most people pair it up with an S900/950 …so SP for drums & 900/950 for samples.

I have an SP1200 & a 950.

If I only use the SP I put one sound (or group of sounds to one output, say all kicks).

If I run out of outputs I might put the closest two on one output (say a vocal & horn as no bass).

I don’t really like layered drums though as they can sound unnatural to me.

That’s one of the reasons 8 poly is OK for me but def not for everyone & I would def like 16 poly if possible.

This has been well covered in the facebook group.
A track is synonymous with a sound. It does not mean what it might mean on some other machine or software.
A pattern (AKA sequence) can contain any or all of the 32 sounds in any combination. But you will only hear up to 8 of them at any given moment. Just like an 8 voice keyboard with 10 keys pressed.


Will the stereo outputs play anything that isn’t assigned to the mono outs, even if it takes the machine above 8 polyphony overall?

Not everyone is on Facebook.

Or are you suggesting because it’s on Facebook we can’t have a conversation about it on the official Isla instruments S2400 forum :thinking: