Channel settings on S2400

Is there a way to play more than 8 track channels a a time, in 2021 this shouldn’t be a issue, a omni setting where all sounds can be played should at least be a option. There are 32 pads, why not 32 channels?

You do get extra polyphony if you use the looper mode, so you could have sorta like 16 note poly. You are right in that this isnt an issue in 2021, but it was a design choice and something that can be used to creative effect. There are many workarounds to the 8 voice restriction- patterns, careful channel assignment, multi tracking, mutes, looper, etc.


thanks for the reply. It would be great if you could choose, choking pads should be a option in my opinion, especially if you want to use it as a creative effect. having only a 8 channels and 32 pads is way to limiting.


It has choking pads… you just have to set the channels to be shared for certain tracks and it will choke the other.

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but this ‘limitation’ is by design

OT only has 8 trk too and stops no creative music being made

OG sp - speaks for itself and yes i know, 80s vs now

once they / if they implement internal resampling the 8 trk limit will be in rear view technically as you will be able to rock 8, resample to 1 and have 7 new

switch patterns etc and using resampled mixdowns will keep opening or closing trk count


I hear you on the OG thing but I don’t I don’t try to over compare with the OG with the S2400 1 to 1, I just wish it had you basic omni where you didn’t have channel limitations, thats it. I’m not going down the OG rabbit hole theres enough of that out there. I’m very happy with this machine, my comment was just a feature suggestion, everyone has a workflow that works for them.

Oh yeah, i was just saying 8 trk is plenty if you use them smart - not trying to make comparisons, just offering food for thought

Resample converts one file to LoFi. “Record a whole pattern to a single sample” is coming in the future.


ah nice one Mickey

thank you for that, I respect your comment. Isla has done a great job putting this together. I’m still very happy I purchased.


me too, i just haven’t got mine yet :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :rofl:

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So, It is possible to have 4 stereo outputs with 2 sounds in every output?

@srcbcn Yes. Check the second to last page of the manual where it talks about how the Channels work.

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Ok. Thanks!

That’s fantastic!