Something I miss about 8 voices only

Don’t get me wrong, I love having 16 voices and choke groups, however…

Something I miss dearly is loading sounds, paying no attention to output assignment, and hitting the 8 voice limit hearing the S2400 cutting off sounds randomly based on track output. Sometimes it produced some super cool cutoff effects that I never would have thought of.

Having 16 voices and choke groups is amazing and much more flexible, and you can still achieve this effect by randomly assigning choke groups, but it used to happen by default and I miss that.

Just wanted to share :slight_smile:

I agree! But I prefer 16 voices all day :slight_smile:
But it would be cool with a voice count setting, so you could lower the amount of allowed voices and see what happens!

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haven’t tried but can you false it by using empty pads sending trigs to the sequence - will the machine see the hits from the empty pads and think oh shi7 there is 8v used there, he only has 8 left…

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