Choke Group Chanels add zero please

Is there a way to simply have the choke groups option (channel) start at zero this way we don’t have to figure out combinations in order for a sound to play together etc. simple zero option would allow all sound to play together. I guess I’m going off of the MPC but zero keeps it simple. more intuitive

The eight choke groups (and eight voice polyphony) exist because there are eight audio engines running.


ok but it still is a bit quirky it could be implemented better. I get the technical stuff but for simplicity if I don’t want anything choked, shouldn’t that exist? unless I’m doing something wrong or don’t know how to use it. please point me to it. trying to figure out alternate channels can slow down creativity

Imagine you’re recording a session on a small mixer with eight inputs onto eight tracks. You’ve got your drums on the first four tracks, bass, guitar, vocal and a sax on the remaining four. Now you also want a piano but all the channels are taken. You would have to remove another instruments input from the mixer and overdub piano during quiet parts on another instruments track.

That’s what you’re up against. No such thing as no choke groups when there are only 8 recorded tracks playing back.


maybe im asking for overdub thanks. I just have the MPC mentality lol I have to wrap my head around new machines plus this is all new to me. I am more on the business side of things not much creative. Thank you for the information.

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No problem! Yeah I don’t think anything is for certain yet, but it sounds like a pattern bounce feature is coming in the near future where if you want to take multiple tracks and combine them so they take up less tracks, that may be an option soon.


It’s the way the OG worked. It takes some getting used to (I’m still myself adjusting to the workflow) but I’ve found it does lead to better sounding productions in the end :slight_smile: