Tutorial: how to track the S2400 to your DAW while retaining choke grouping effects

I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now how to track my sounds into Ableton, while ensuring the songs sound the same as they did in the S2400.

In short, using the [SOLO] or [MUTE] buttons to track each of your sounds into your DAW doesn’t seem to preserve the choke grouping effect gained by squeezing all your sounds through only 8 outputs.

I realized recently that instead, if you track your sounds in one-by-one with only one volume fader up at a time, it does indeed let you capture each track into your DAW while also retaining the choke group effects. Dope!

In this video I’ll show you how I’ve been tracking my songs into Ableton for additional production, mixing, and mastering, while preserving the choke grouping effects.

‘Skip ahead’ links are in the description if you want to jump straight to the tutorial.

Hopefully this will help some of you properly get your tracks out of the beast! :metal:


Thanks…A well produced video tutorial and a nice helpful workflow - will give it a go

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maybe Isla instruments can put a bit more info in written manual about tracking out , as they have covered it in video tutorials,and in manual only says ……USB Mix Order
The USB Audio output consists of ten channels: eight channels corresponding to the eight S2400 channels, and two mix out channels. The mix out channels can appear first or last……so a bit more info on this subject would be great in the written manual ,
As there is different ways to do it, but to know officially if chokes get recorded or not,Isla team ??
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Great video by the way :+1: