USB Audio & Choke Grouping

Hey everyone,

So- I’ve been super exited about using the USB Audio feature and sat down to use it today. I have a track that I feel was mostly completed in the S2400 and figured out how to track it in with ASIO4ALL. Super easy, and really good quality.

This particular track is packed full of sounds on various different tracks that choke each other off, stealing voices from each other. I did it in sort of a chaotic way that I enjoy as it creates mayhem and interest within the song.

When I recorded into Ableton multi-tracked over USB Audio however, I found the song lost a lot of it’s life and energy and realized that when solo’ed, sounds no longer choke each other out of the mix.

With a well-planned song I’m sure you could keep sounds separated enough to track and separate in the DAW while still choking however I’m rarely that organized and prefer to fly off the cuff and create mayhem. This inevitably makes it very difficult to track in later without solo’ing tracks.

Is there any way to achieve choke grouping while still keeping sounds separated for export later?

As it stands, it looks like I’ll have to track things in in stereo pairs all at the same time (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, etc) to keep the choking groove but this makes it near impossible to separate properly.

Here’s a rough mono bounce over USB Audio, all tracks played simultaneously. I think you’ll be able to hear the choking and groove (mainly in the hats and drum break):

And here’s a individually solo’ed per-track USB Audio recorded rough mix, lacking the same choking and groove:

If they’re choking it’s because they’re playing at the same time and on the same channel… my gut tells me I have to edit in the DAW to separate things to get both but I don’t want it to be true lol Maybe this should go in feature requests…