Grouping tracks to output bus

I don’t think I’ve seen this requested yet but apologies if it has…

I’m building a new live setup including the S2400. I’ve just got a 1010 Bluebox mixer for live use, and would ideally like to have channels from S2400 routed as such:

Track 1 - Kick [on it’s own to allow for proper EQ of low end]
Track 2 - Sub-bass [again on it’s own for more control]
Track 3, 4 - perc [grouped so that I can treat them together with EQ/reverb/delay]
Track 5, 6 - Hats [grouped so that I can treat them together with EQ/reverb/delay]
Track 7, 8 - Stereo synths/recordings

So it would be really amazing if we could route (bus) multiple sounds to the same outputs (e.g. tracks 3, 4 both routed to output 3) to allow for this kind of control.

I think i can probably achieve close to what I want by using the master output, but this feature will give us much more flexibility getting the audio out of S2400 and into a mixer (without needlessly using all of the mixer channels).

EDIT: Even without an external mixer this would be extremely useful; if i want to e.g. put reverb from an FX pedal onto, say, 3 of my drum tracks (some hats), I can’t currently do that without taking the 3 outputs and mixing them outside of S2400 before going to the reverb. If i could route three tracks to the same output or output pair, this would be easy peasy.

USB audio will allow this with no mixer, just keep in mind that as you add things to a track you will start choking off anything that shares the same track/output.

I don’t plan to have a computer in my live rig, so cannot use USB audio

I guess I’m hoping the channels could mix rather than choke.

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