Move all faders at once

Is there a way we can move all faders at once?

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a ruler?


i hollered in laughter reading that @Kid_Missive hahahaha! but seriously, it would be kinda dope to assign a ‘master’ fader function to one fader and then select which tracks you want it to control. i could totally see this being utilized moving between the verse and chorus sections in a track.


Yeah I requested an option to “flip faders” a while back so you could do volume fades between two or more tracks by pushing the faders in the same direction.

Hands down, a bus fader or a way to group tracks is what the 2400 needs.


8 faders. 8 fingers + 2 thumbs. If executed correctly that would leave 2 digits free to fill 2 nostrils at the same time that you move all 8 faders.

+1 for pressing / holding a button or button combo and moving a single fader to shift all

Additionally, this could also be handled nicely by an expression pedal


Option to flip the faders from individual sounds/tracks to output levels - that way you have control of the levels of everything sent to that output.

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Or be able to connect via usb 8 faders (and pan) for the outputs


I don’t personally see a use for simplyfing the control scheme of the S2400, as it’s already perhaps a little too basic for me to begin with, but…

Every parameter is MIDI-mappable, and there is even a USB host port which can be used to communicate with plug and play usb MIDI controllers. You can implement any kind of rules you want that way.

You can even use the device to control itself via a MIDI only bank (not sure if you would have to bridge the MIDI IN and OUT ports with a midi cable, try it out.) So would that not be exactly the solution OP and other are asking for here?


OK kid

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No disrespect, but your suggestion and my suggestion are two different things.

If I wanted to midi map to another controller or daw host then, yeah, your solution would be fine if I could map multiple tracks’ mix levels/ etc to one analog/virtual fader to create a group instance.

But what if I wanted to group tracks in the box and perform volume cuts or pitch changes etc on the fly? Doesn’t seem like there’s a straight forward way to do it, if at all.

Anyways, I still +1 on having a small checkbox to flip faders so you could manually cross fade two or more tracks evenly with one hand for a live performance technique.


Thank you, cause i wasn’t gonna type all of that. Hahaha. Completely agree.


:joy: I haven’t been on here in a minute so it’s all been bottled up

I put a similar request in a while ago and it hasn’t been heard so I had to step away