Assignable Fader/Mute/Solo Groups

This would allow multiple tracks to be assigned to a single fader, perhaps in an additional bank like the Live Looper, to allow ganged control of volume/mute/solo. Would be great for Live use!

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Yes I was thinking about that to. As of now it’s pretty hard to do live stuff if you need to mute tracks on different banks.

I usally have my bass as a live loop and can’t mute it and the kick together without switching banks which takes some time.

The dream scenario would be if there was some more polyphony added and you could have more than 1 track playing through an output at a time. And have a bank act as like 8 mono or 4 stereo busses. And have the filter/mixer level /mute/solo apply to all tracks going through that bus. Maybe to much to ask but that would be incredible :slight_smile:

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