Linking mute buttons

Is there, or could there be, a way to link the mute button from one track to another?

For instance if i was working mostly from bank a and wanted to stay there and keep those controls up front, and i had a drum pattern going from a multi mode slice on A5, but then also had some extra percussion sequenced through midi on E 1-4, could i set the mute button from A5 to also mute E 1-4 if i wanted to cut the entire drum pattern in more of a live setting rather than sequencing it out?


Yes mute groups (like a console, not the mpc way) would be great!

Also if mute states could be saved per pattern would be a huge improvement.


Yeah, I also made a request for this here not too long ago.

But, I actually stumbled upon a way that it’s already possible to create Mute and Solo groups, yesterday. Not sure if it’s talked about anywhere, but:

  1. Mute and/or Solo all the tracks you want to control at the same time (on any Bank)

  2. Hit Shift-Mute or Shift-Solo on any track. They previously selected group of tracks will all turn on/off together! The S2400 will remember this selection until you create a different group and repeat the process :+1:

You can even individually Mute/Solo other tracks without messing up the group. Just make sure to de-select subsequent multiples before you try to Shify-hit your group again. Also, the Solo and Mute groups can be setup on completely different tracks.

I use that feature all the time to unmute/mute multiple tracks but it does not include live loop tracks or midi tracks. And also I don’t think it remembers the “mute/solo groups” after reloading the project so it’s not really what I’m after, you can’t really use it in a live situation since you have to mute all tracks manually before. And if you want to mute the different set of tracks at different times in a song you can’t really do that in an efficient way. So my wish for mute groups still stands :slight_smile:

Ideally, especially if we eventually get more voices that can share the same output, having a bank like bank 9 be sort of a master mixer. Where the 8 faders sets the volume for the 8 physical outputs (where you can then have bass and kick go out output 1 for example) and muting track 1 then mutes everything going out that output. And with the future analog filter card, the filter knobs in this “master bank” controls the sweepable analog output filters.

That is my dream :partying_face:


^^ that’d def be ideal

Thank you for this, i didnt know that trick and itll definitely come in handy in some cases. Like melker said though, it doesnt seem to work with the midi banks or live loops, which just so happen to be exactly what im trying to control at the moment.

What im picturing, having no knowledge of what magic and trickery goes into coding this machine, is maybe just another sub menu or secondary screen in the track settings for the mute key, enter the screen and click in all the pads in whatever banks you want to mute simultaneously.

So, going with my example, i would hit Shift+A5, (hypothetically) click mute, switch to bank E, press E1 E2 E3 and E4, exit the screen, go back to bank A, and now A5s mute key would also activate the mute key for E1-4. I feel like that would be extremely useful for performances or more improvised recordings, different but kind of in the same vein as i would use the mpc track mute screen (2000/2000xl)

@Melkerpetterson I also really like the mixer idea

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Shift+Mute/Solo works with Live Loops and MIDI tracks in the next release.


Thank you yet again