Any plans for an option to make mute/solo states pattern specific?

I really hope this option would be added in the future, are there any plans for it? Would anyone else find this useful?

It would make it so much faster to try out different song structures and ideas. Especially if it also could apply for the live loop tracks.

I like to live record a lot of stuff to the looper tracks and it would be great if I could have some of the looper tracks play when in pattern 1, then have them muted and let some other looper tracks play when switching to pattern 2 for example.


This would be great for my workflow too.


I want this too. To me, it’s like using it classic mpc style - arrange by playing it pattern to pattern (then into song mode)… Pattern 1, then, 2, then 3 and so on. Instead of just improvising and jamming on a single pattern (or few) and hitting mutes/solos.

Pattern to pattern gives the project a more set-in, fixed and locked-in arrangement, imo.

Currently, my workaround is to delete certain track/pad events per particular pattern. But, this makes for extra steps; and also the inability to copy/paste a fully-composed pattern to a new empty pattern (since pads have been deleted).

My work around is to use mute/solo groups in song mode. Even if your intent isn’t to program a song it is surprisingly easy to preview different solo/mute combinations across multiple patterns and even within the same pattern.


That’s a good tip! Would still be nice with an option so they could be saved on a pattern level to :slight_smile:

Yeah song mode is pretty sick for that. My workflow, but not nailed yet, is to make one fully packed 8 bar pattern with every layer, even same sounds on separate tracks (such as a snare roll for fills). Then in song mode, you can unmute / solo as required the core pieces of arrangement. Further still, you can then print those changes to a new pattern, which I believe captures the mute and solos as note deletions in the printed track. So let’s say my ‘main’ pattern is repeated twice in Song 1, named ‘Intro’. So I get 16 bars, and each repeat has separate mutes setup to progress arrangement changes . Then song 1 aka ‘Intro’ is pasted into pattern 2. The I start song 2 aka ‘Chorus/Drop’ and so on. It’s nice to have multiple songs as it allows you to go deep into mute groups and repeats per sub sections, without dealing with an overly long complex list for the whole entire song.

I would like mutes per pattern but song mode is a pretty solid workaround.


Isn’t the per-pattern version of mute just called ‘delete’?

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Well as of now i guess it is, that’s why I made a feature request for it.

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+1 on this one I had mentioned it a while back as well. I feel like s2400 development may be on pause at the moment. Seems everything kinda slowed down after they took on that massive vintage synth collection. Which is understandable, maintaining the vintage stuff I have feels like a part time job, can’t imagine dealing with a stockpile like what they took in.

There is a firmware in the works that will for sure ad stereo live looping and more looping time/memory. And hopefully there’s some other great stuff in there to. It has been said to drop ”soon” for some time now…

I don’t know but I’m pretty sure the two guys who do firmware development has nothing to do with the synth collection restorations.

My hopes are we’ll see a great firmware update soon!


Im not too bothered, I’m getting good use out of the machine as is.

BTW there is one more workaround I did find for this issue…

automate your fader value on the track you want to ‘mute’ to zero. I like it better than deleting the track because its easier to keep track of what you have as you add iterations of patterns.

peace out

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I definately get good use of the machine to!

That’s the workaround I use for now to. Just modify the pattern with volume fader all the way down.

But it does not work for live loop tracks which is what I’m missing the most.

Also, to me the mute states would be much more visually clear of what’s playing in each pattern.