Mute/Solo Per Pattern

Coming from the MPC, the way I typically build my tracks is by using one pattern and making several parts the verse, intro, etc. I get all the parts I want and then copy that pattern a number of times then I would mute/solo per pattern so I don’t have to go through and delete each track I’m not use at the time on each pattern.

Is there a way to do that now that I missed? Hopefully that makes sense.

I searched for this topic, but couldn’t find it.


Yes. In song mode you can set a mute/solo event for any given pattern so on playback it automates. In song mode click insert event, mute, then hit mute on whichever tracks you want muted then insert then insert pattern after that. Just remember you have to set an “unmute” event after by inserting a mute event with no mutes selected, or whichever tracks you want muted in the next pattern.

That’s what I’m trying to avoid doing. Instead of setting a mute and then setting an unmute constantly through the song mode.

My thought process is for me it’s faster to set mute/solo in the patterns once and when I go to song mode I can only focus on patterns and repeats and if I want to mute/unmute anything else in song mode I can or I do it all in my patterns with my mutes in them.

Never used an SP1200 so this may be the workflow of how to do it and I can figure out this way, just thought this could add a new way and still keep the current way as well.

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Recording mute and solo events would be cool. Like level, pitch and filter.

I was thinking about this one today as well, would be nice to have it be per pattern would be an immediate and fun way to try out arrangement ideas. I did find a little workaround by record overriding the fader to zero on the track you wanna ‘mute’ its not as quick to do it this way esp with a longer pattern but it kinda works

Yes! The option to save mute states with pattern would be very useful. Especially when using the live looper, some loops may be recorded for pattern 1 and other loops for pattern 2 for example, and every time you switch patterns you have to go to the looper bank and mute/unmute tracks which is not very smooth. Both for song writing and live performances this is a big limitation.

Mutes at pattern level (rather than global) would be great. It’s a major plus of the MPC way of working.

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I completely agree! Quickly creating mute/solo variations is the quickest way to change up the song structure so I do not understand why anyone would want changes in the mute states of the copied pattern to be reflected in the original pattern.

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+1. it’s such an easy and convenient way to do variations of patterns.

Please read my last post regarding this !!! Devs too lol

This is a major, major, major, lifesaving idea! Could we please consider implementing this?? Would be a dealbreaker for me using the 2400 live

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Was just working on something and searched to see if this was possible. +1 from me also…this would be major.

Necromancy-ing a dead thread to agree with this.

I’m working on on a live set and have certain instuments coming in and out (with events programmed in the step program window). I plan to be adjusting fader / filters in realtime, but don’t want one master pattern (because simultaneously triggering all instruments makes the S2400 crash). I am moving away from using only loops for the same reason.

Track mute function is an obvious way to accomplish this (and also functions as handy indicator of which instruments should be playing at a given time in the piece). Ie: One instrument becomes added to the SOLO group and lights up, then I can begin fading it up at my leisure. Howewer, it seems that such MUTE/SOLO events cannot be recorded into patterns, although they are available in song mode…

…But problem with song mode is you have to leave the pattern edit home screen for the entire time time song mode is active. As far as I can tell, the functions are the same between song and pattern modes, but you lose the handy overview of which channel volumes / filters are turned up in song mode.

Kind of a “worst of both worlds” situation I find myself in.

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I would love this feature as well.

For me building a song out of pattens rather than a single patten with mutes makes more sense to me. I would create different pattens with different mutes for different sections of the song, then arrange these into a song.