To be able to change pattern while recording

So I thought, there’s a way to make transitions smother from a pattern to another if I record a midi track and while recording I change pattern so the midi track would be two patterns length leading one to another but if I press the transport arrow keys It changes tempo, not the pattern . Please change that, There’s already a tempo button for that purpose. It will give more flexibility and song mode will sound less a chain of patterns. Not only for midi tracks, but also for recording samplers. Thanks for listen to our needs.

Press Rec/Edit to take it out of record mode, then change the pattern, then press Rec/Edit again.

Thanks Mickey, I have found a work around. Some times a chord sequence might be longer than the pattern we are working with, let’s say the double but we can duplicate the length of the pattern, so is quite simple. I was coming from another workflow were you have to chain patterns to do that and that’s was what I was trying to achieve. thanks! Now that we are talking I will like to address some upgrades that could be done to song mode:
For me is a pity that in song mode we cannot record, at least midi tracks. The only thing you can record is live loops. They are ok but I get a drop in volumen when committing (prophet goes stereo) and they don’t change with the patterns, they are super cool for certain kind of things though. I’ve founded that midi tracks work better for playing live synths, it sounds much better the instruments playing that a recording of them. The ideal thing would be to be able to exit song screen and go to the pattern one while playing the song. Then the pattern playing will be showed and patterns will change as the song is arranged. Then activating rec will record as it normally does but trough out the song, as long as rec is on, recording in every pattern what we have played while running. That would be super powerful performances wise and also arranging. Undo will erase everything from the last rec button activation if desire to keep the song as original. Then more events can be added like record event on or off, if recording something is needed at any part of the song to do it automatically.
Also an event were the pattern related will continue to play unless the forward arrow key is pressed. Some times we need to build up an atmosphere or play a solo and being tie to a specific duration is not ideal and having control on that…awesome!
I guess song mode is only a playback sequence of patterns and recoding into the patterns is not supported but maybe it can be done.
I know every one is wanting something different and is imposible to please everybody but I think that those improvements will make the s2400 a live performances beast.
Thanks for listening to us.

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