During playback being able to use <<< instead of shift+run to rewind

Currently during play, <<< or >>> located in the Transport section change the pattern number and to rewind we have to use shift+run.

During recording it changes the Tempo.

During play or record the last thing I want to do is change the pattern number or the tempo.

If transport keys could be used to change bars it would feel natural in my opinion.

Maybe it is already on the list? Implementing MIDI control without transport keys would not be user friendly.

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What do you mean by change bars?

Sorry for the confusion when I write a request. One small thing always bring to another one.

Usually on other machines pressing transport keys skip one bar forward or backward. Keeping transport keys pressed allow fast forward or backward. And there is a shortcut to go back at bar one like shift+play on the s2400.

For example I was wondering if you create let s say a 16 bar long pattern in the s2400 how can you go quickly to bar 8?

Using the transport keys to move to next bars forward or backward looks more natural to me. And shortcuts with the transport keys are a logic evolution of this.

Sorry to have bothered you on a daily basis this week. I will wait till the next firmware release as it seems that a lot of requests have already been added. Thank you for the support :slight_smile:

I understand your request now. Being able to skip forward and backward by measure would be a useful feature. We will have to think about how to make it work. We cannot simply repurpose the arrow keys. The ability to change the tempo or the (next) pattern while a pattern is playing is critical for most users.