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I hope that everyone is well out there in the ISLA universe and enjoying their S2400s. I know that I am. Also, it’s not my intention to use this forum as a “request line”, but I wanted to know about a feature that, for me, would REALLY smooth out the creative process on the 2400.

I’m curious about pattern navigation while in pattern mode and wanted to see if it is 1) possible or 2) in the works? More often than not, I work in pattern mode. Been a habit of mine since I can remember. I also work with the quantize set to FINE and my patterns normally consist of 8 or 16 bar loops

The lack of - or my inability to find - a clear way to navigate to, say, bar 7 to add something in, adjust something, whatever, seems a little bit counterintuitive and can kind of stymie a good creative flow, waiting for that part to come back around. It would be absolutely AMAZING to be able to use a SHIFT + <<< or >>> button combo to move the playhead OR use SHIFT + the rotary encoder to REALLY fine tune move it.

I feel like this was asked, before, back in April on here, so my apologies for doubling back if this has been addressed and I missed it. Also, while I get that this can effectively be done in Step Mode, again, I’m definitely one of those folks who finds it to be a little more cumbersome than others may….especially when zooming in/out might be hindered.

Thanks and looking forward to chatting about this and hearing if anyone else runs into the same issue. :slight_smile:

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What you can do with the current firmware is play 1 bar when you get there (F5).

Indeed there are requests to use the transport keys for transport or to extend play 1 bar to play X bars.

I suppose it’s in the long list. Wait and see :slight_smile:

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Much needed feature! Especially if you like to record stuff from the pads since you can’t do that in step program mode.

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