(Help Please) Swing and/or Patterns and step sequencer questions

I just got my unit and loaded it up for the first time I had no sd card so i just used the internal drum sounds to test out the swing and groove of the machine. Is there any way to nudge all of the notes for one sound in the step sequencer because doing it one note at a time is a nightmare (like all the hihats forward or backward at the same time). Also can you not play in notes as the step sequencer is running? I know on my mpc 60 you can set the swing amount as well as shift amount which shifts all the notes “early” or “late” in either the individual sound or whole pattern. I figure this is just the same as nudging notes forward or backwards on the grid but the whole thing turned out to be a huge headache lol mpc is so simple just a few clicks and its done. Can anybody help me out with this please. Thanks

Hi welcome on board.
There is the quantize shift function.
P46 on the latest version of the manual.
You can access it by pressing shift+ a pad and then scroll down :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Ah ok thanks I’ll try it out later when I can get on the s2400 again. So this quantize shift function works in conjunction with swing settings correct? I could swing the notes and then shift them all up or back a little while retaining the groove of the set swing percentages/settings?

To be honest I don’t know. I just used this function one time before.

From what I remember, I think it wasn’t “real time” so it may be worth writing a feature request topic.

For example: integration inside the Quantize menu and allowing real time preview to keep it consistant with how Quantize and Swing work now.

Anyway, try the function and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

For the quantize shift is there something you have to do to apply it…? Im doing it and whether - or + value it is doing nothing. No shifting being done. And this step sequencer is still annoying im getting more mad than fun with this forreal.