Note nudge micro timing?

Hi, can’t wait for my S2400 to arrive!

Will there be a note nudge function like the elektrons or similar?

Like you press and hold a step in the step sequencer mode and nudge it by milli seconds before or after the grid by twisting the knob or the number keys? Love that feature on some other devices.

Perfect if you record a groove unquantized and mess up a not or two you can easily go in and nudge it to where you want it so you don’t have to rerecord the whole part. Or just to spice up the groove if you’re step sequencing.


Short answer: Yes, with resolution 96/qn.


Do you know how it will work? Will you be able to hold down a step in step sequencer mode and nudge it that way?

I’m asking for the long answer hehe

Is there a video of this somewhere? I could have sworn I saw brad show something along these lines when talking about the sequencer recently. Either in the long vid or sometime after.

I know the seq: allows free movement of hits, it is in a few vids but certainly the long one he just did - the overview

i am an avid elektron user, got a few, i doubt nor desire for that level of note manipulation in the 2400 but some offsetting is possible which makes perfect sense

also, turn quantise off and go again til you get that momma right hehe

From what I recall, you can select the midi event via the display. From there you can use either the scroll knob or the numeric pads to shift/nudge the event. As far as holding xox steps and repositioning goes, I have not seen that in action.

I asked the same question and the developer said it is coming very soon !*

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@Mickey Hi, Is this feature, note nudging, implemented yet, or not?

It is not. You will see it mentioned in the release notes when it comes.


Thank you

Hello Mickey,

Has the note nudging feature been added yet ?

Not yet.

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Will it be added anytime soon with the new updates ?



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I see they have added the nudge feature in the step program, however it seems like it nudges everything in that step. Is it possible to nudge a specific note in that step?

For example I want to nudge just my snares, or hi hats, or kick drums to manually swing the drum program similar how Dilla did it on the MPC.

Unless I’m doing it wrong, can someone please enlighten me! thank you!

num 4 + pad

And multiple notes by first making a selection with SHIFT-encoder

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Thank you! I just tried it and it worked! Game changer! Have a great weekend!

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