Nudge function Select or Enter don't work? [FIXED]

Sorry if I’ve missed something I haven’t found much information about Nudge.

On the following screen pushing the encoder or pressing Enter doesn’t seem to work.

The amount of 7 may not be directly audible, as it only is a very tiny shift. Try a larger amount and check if the note got shifted. I had no problems with it.

Seems to be working fine here. If you exit Back after pressing Nudge, to the Step program screen, and zoom in using F3 you should see that the note has moved off the 16th grid.

Yeah it seems to be an issue with the nudge screen not closing after pressing nudge, hence the question has it worked?

Maybe a popup screen that says something like " Event nudged" could be useful.

Or just closing the screen? I suppose it depends on how people want to stay inside that screen and do this operation :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s useful to be able to keep nudging until you get to the sweet spot.


Yes, that is the intention.

I will add a popup confirmation that the nudge happened.


i didnt even know ‘nudge pattern event’ was a thing…Where is this? in the step program? Cant find anything in the manual mentioning a nudge

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Select the <> icon.

I forgot to add it to the manual. It is in the next revision.


Its a cool feature and really handy when layering slightly off grid claps

Slightly off topic - is there a short cut for quickly selecting the next note/trigger of a pad in step program? Like a shift and arrow and bang - i’m onto the next trigger/clap (to quickly apply some random nudge to) …Maybe a feature request i guess

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There will be in the next update :slight_smile:


Amazing thanks Mickey

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You’re responsiveness to all these little suggestions is awesome, Mickey. And the manual is very readable. I usually hate manuals. Cheers.


Am I able to select, say all snares on A2, then nudge all of them fwd or bkwd a few ticks ( all at once)?
Trying to understand the nudge feature and I’m not understanding the manual.
Thank you

EDIT: I came across the shift feature, I’m guessing in my instance above, that would replace the nudge
when you have multiple notes?

Shift should work yeah.

There is another function in QUantize, I think it’s called quantize shift but it has not been revisited. It’s not real time. So shift is the best choice I guess.

thanks man!

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