Improve step nudge in TR mode please - idea inside

current implementation is unnecessary and very slow imo

superior would be hold the step we wish to nudge and scroll the encoder and / or hold step and arrow fwd/back , boosh step moved :slight_smile:

this would speed up work flow by a huge amount

currently if we hold a step and turn encoder or hit arrow the exact same thing happens as if just turn encoder or hit arrow without holding the step - we move the playhead, so we are not losing any functionality

if you do this can you please also make it happen while sequence is moving?



I’m really hoping for this to come soon.
I usually like to record unquantized but sometimes you just need to nudge a hit or two in a take and the current way is very clumsy. The current nudge feature is kind of clumsy. I would like to be able to see the note move on the piano roll screen so you can see where you’re moving it to.

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cross our fingers mate