Step program editing scroll/zoom

The step program mode is very hard to use if you have stuff recorded with fine quantize. And the new ”fast encoder movement moves the cursor by 1/4th” actually made it worse for editing unquantized notes.

Here a suggestion to make it better.

Scroll with encoder (like it is now) and zoom in/out with encoder pressed while rotating. (Like you do to move the highlighted field in the parameter page)

Make zoom level independent from quantize. So you can get an overview of whats happening and where to scroll to even if there are fine-quantized notes.

Would make it fast to scroll to where you wanna go and zoom in with pressed encoder rotation. Change the quantize with 1&3 like it is now but disconnect the zoom level from those buttons.

Remember last used quantize setting in step program so you don’t have to change quantization everytime you open step program to reach of grid notes.


this area definetly needs to be improved, we had several suggestions and threads about this topic. im sure it will be taken care of in the future.

it would also to be nice if you could scroll through the individual notes of a track. for example: hold down the pad and then push the arrow key or scroll with thee encoder to the desired note.

also a option to select all notes of a track to shift them all together. now you have to select every single hit to shift them, which is a pain.


Yes all good ideas!

Maybe we should make a new thread and have all the step program ideas in the same thread making it easier for the developers to get an overview?

I’m sure the step program mode will have some changes done to it in future firmware, the new TR features are definately a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

i spotted this as soon as i got my 2400 but i was basically a silent minority :rofl: i have a lot of words to say on this but i think to keep the peace it is easier just to say it is not welcome behaviour and i hope they fix it

maybe as more users get their machine who prefer TR mode it will get fixed

cross my fingers

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I’m sure the step program mode will get some love in the future :slight_smile:

For now I try not to use it at all since it can really get you mad and destroy the flow hehe.