Improvements to the step edit and TR mode

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love this machine. Never tried anything more inspiring and fun.

But I’m not totally down with the program edit mode and have some suggestions on how to make it easier to work with. Or maybe I’m missing something, then I’m happy to receive advice!

  1. First of all I find it almost impossible to use if you have anything recorded unquantized in your pattern. Even if all your tracks are quantized but you lay down one percussion track unquantized the screen is so zoomed in it’s really hard to scroll and find the note you want to edit, and you can’t zoom out.

It would be better if the screen zoom could be zoomed out even if there’s triggers recorded with quantized set to “fine”. And have a scroll mode where the scroll bar snaps to the next note instead of the next time division so it’s quick and easy to select unquantized triggers. (This would be fucking awesome)

  1. Also would be very nice to be able to copy a trig and paste it to where ever, and if you paste it to an existing trig it replaces the previous one. Maybe copy button for copy and shift+copy for paste.

  2. Also for the TR mode, please make trigs selectable from the mute/solo buttons. My suggestion is that you select a trig by pressing shift + the mute/solo button you want to edit (and ultimately hold shift and select multiple trigs) and when one or multiple trigs are selected it brings up the parameter edit on the faders (same as when you press the multi button when you’re editing a step). Audition the changes from the pad and hit enter to confirm or back to discard.

And would also be nice if your unquantized trigs shows on the closest 16th note in TR mode, even though the trig might be a bit before or after.

  1. Make the nudge function more clear of what’s happening, my suggestion is to hold down one or multiple steps in TR mode and use the arrow buttons to nudge back or forward by the globally set quantization value. And have a little indication come up on screen saying how much you shift the note in relation to the grid.

What do you think?

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Great suggestions. Some of them are already done and will be in the next update. Some are in development. Some are planned for the future.