Remaining on a track when editing etc

OK, so for the past few days I’ve been trying to give the machine some long overdue love. And I keep finding quirks that really grind my gears, so apologies for all the reports/requests atm haha. I actually have a list of requests/bugs (sorry in advance!) but I’m holding off with those as much as possible until after the next update, since I’d like to see where that goes before I suggest a bunch of stuff. And I’m sure a lot of it will be addressed anyway.

However, this is another one that’s really getting to me. Whenever I’m in step program and I hit enter on a note/step I want to edit, the “edit step parameters” popup window then always reverts me back to bank/pad A1 and takes me off the currently selected track. Then when I cycle through the banks and pick the correct track again, it reverts back to the first step it’s used on in the loop, instead of the step/note I was just on.

Please make it stay on the track/pad, or at least bank that you’ve currently got selected, and also stay on the step you have selected when cycling through the banks and tracks.

This, along with being able to move freely through steps at a chosen quantize setting and adding notes etc in the “edit step params” screen, as has been suggested on another thread, would be a HUGE leap for the sequencer :slight_smile:



Please please please, do not wait until the release and post the bugs you have found! Everyone will greatly benefit from it.
Your findings may even give the team some clues to other existing issues.

Anything dramatic that I find during my current use, I’ll mention for sure. The other bugs on the (now fairly old) list aren’t a huge deal and I think are mostly already being addressed anyway. I’d also want to make 100% sure it’s not user error first, and some of them may not even be replicable, so would just waste dev time if they’re looking for something they can’t reproduce easily, or perhaps at all. So, it would mostly be feature requests tbh, and like I say I’m intrigued to see what the devs come up with first on that front :slight_smile:

I’ll have another look through the file though and see if there’s anything more pressing that needs mentioning.

Also don’t want to bombard the forum with stuff all at once really. Feel like people would get annoyed :joy:

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I totally get where you are coming from. Although, as a dev myself, I’d prefer to be in the know and plan accordingly. It’s really up to the team and their abilities to debug a problem. The best we can do is make them aware of it. I greatly appreciate you willing to write a proper bug report but I think it’s better to report something rather than wait. You could always update your topics later if you were to find something useful. At least it will start a conversation and maybe there will be others who will figure out a way to repro the issue consistently.

Posting bugs will not delay the release because there is probably a plan/feature freeze/ticket milestone that needs to happen for a release. This will make your bugs go to the next release unless the bug is considered critical.

Yeah, I’ll def mention anything critical I come across :wink: Like I say though, I don’t think the other bugs on the list currently are, so would just be more requests really.

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