Can’t erase a step in the step programmer

Hello and thank you for a beautiful machine team isla.

So I was making my first pattern in the machine and I hit one extra note by mistake. Went into the step programmer to try and remove it by holding erase and hitting relevant pad but it is not removing it from the sequence. I circumvented this by adjusting the level parameter to all the way down on that particular step but for now i am unable to remove the step completely.

Please post your project file (.S24) here. We don’t need the kit or sounds.

Here you go.


Project002.S24 (15.3 KB)

Actually Mickey I just sent you the project file before saving it so I am not sure that the problem is apparent in that particular project file. Sending another one I just saved that should have it.

Project002.S24 (15.3 KB)

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is it recorded in live and off grid ? i.e you are just not getting the cursor to hit it?

It was recorded in live however
the cursor definitely hits it because I am able to select it and adjust parameters in step programmer after the fact.

It also doesn’t appear to be off grid visually within the step programmer.

What is the track? Which measure are you editing?

So the track was pad b6
It was the 9th measure, second beat in that measure.

I had to reboot the machine to find the track for you and of course this time around it’s erasable…

The reboot seems to have taken care of it but I will of course let you know if it comes back.

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Ok Ive run into another Interesting behavior. This one might not be a bug and just a learning curve for me if that’s the way the machine is meant to run but I needed to copy some pads over to another bank and I did so by going into the organize tracks page, hitting f2 to duplicate the pad I wanted copied and then f4 to move it down to where I needed them copied to.

That got the tracks copied successfully however my entire programmed pattern is now playing the wrong tracks. It’s behaving as if I sequenced different pads. I can’t wrap my head around why that should effect my sequenced pattern and now I’m not sure how to get back without reprogramming everything?

If this is a feature and not a bug, how do I copy paste a track without this happening?


i assume the channel settings were copied cross too?

when you play with moving tracks make sure you have pressed the fix pattern option, page 59 of manual

also the help screen in the unit tells you the words toggle fixup on F1 - this is not clear unless you have read the manual, so i suggest read the manual - basically the devs have done a great thing and allowed tracks to be moved and keeping pattern as you designed it or not


@sircates What makes moving pads affect the pattern is pattern fixup (F1). It is described in the manual.


Thank you.
That threw me for a loop.
But now I see how great that feature is


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