Recording erase bug

Hi guys,

I have found what I think might be a bug with recording live erase’s on a pattern.

If you are holding erase and a pad down as the pattern loops back to the start it erases every note in the pattern for that pad.

In my case I was erasing a couple hi hats from the end of the pattern and kept the buttons held a bit too long, the pattern looped back to the start, i released the button and pad and all the hi hats from the pattern were deleted, not just the ones I erased over. Kinda hard to explain that one hope ya know what I mean! Experienced this once by accident and have made it happen once on purpose to test the theory


Yeah found this in Step Programm today using D1 pad first erased the last bar, then continues to press erased further bars. I couldnt figure out what was going on, so decided to experiment with the first three pads, multiple presses eneded up crashing the machine

This bug is fixed in beta and will be in the next release.


A way to go undo the last thing or several last things would be awesome. Several times I have erased part of my pattern accidentally, because the the last measure is not on the screen I couldn’t see that was happening and bye… lost.

Same as Crabbman