Record-Erase Is Broken by Swing

If I set a Swing value and then try and erase pad events whilst the pattern is play-recording, it erases some events but not others.

I figured out that it erases events properly if I turn Swing to 50%.

So, erase-on-the-fly is broken by Swing, regardless of whether you first record those events with Swing on or off (50%).

I’m on March 17th firmware.

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So you’re trying to erase single notes during playback? Are you doing this while it’s playing back + recording by holding erase and then the pad at the time of each hit? Or pressing erase and then the pad, which should erase all triggers of that pad/track, but are not?

Swing doesn’t change where triggers are, just slightly alters the timing they’re played back - so swing shouldn’t be the issue here. If you are trying to “hand-time” a single note erase during playback and have swing on, keep in mind the trigger is physically going to be a slight amount of time before or after from when you’re hearing it on playback - so that could be what you’re experiencing? A quick test to see if it’s repeatable and visualize/hear what I’m talking about - make a basic pattern, 4 to the floor with hats on 16ths across the pattern - then set the max amount of swing 75% on 8th notes. There will be triggers programmed that you wont even hear, due to swing repositioning when they’re played back

A much quicker and far more accurate way to erase and reposition single events from a pad is in step program mode. You can find the exact trigger, hold down erase and hit the pad - the grid will never appear differently regardless of swing and you’ll always see all of your triggers for all your pads. Move the cursor to the trigger you want to erase, HOLD erase and hit the pad/track. There may very well be something to what you’re saying with swing affecting erase on playback. I’ve not worked that way, but if there is a bug this will certainly help achieve what it sounds like you’re going for in the meantime.

Dude, you clearly have not read what I said and have not tried what I said.
This is a bug.
I know exactly what Swing is and how it works.
I know exaclty how erase works.
I’ve owned an SP1200 for 7 years.
If you follow my steps and do not have the same problem then it is an issue with my S2400.

It works exactly like the Classic.
From the SP1200 manual:
“If you’re trying to record or erase in a segment which has a swing factor other than 50%,
there are two cautions. To erase a specific note, you have to erase where the note would
normally occur if the segment had a 50% swing factor. If you record while a segment is in
swing mode, the beats may or may not fall where you want them to fall. Therefore, it’s best
to go out of swing mode when recording or erasing, then re-enter swing mode after you’ve
finished your alterations.”

However, I agree that it would be better if live erase did work with swing. It is on the to-do list.


This is changed in the next release.



It doesn’t work this way on the SP1200.
Swing does not affect note deletion.
Quantise does but Swing does not.

@jamjam Are you saying that the SP1200 manual is incorrect?

Swing does not affect erase position.
Only quantise (Auto correct) does.
Interpret the manual how you like.