Allow erasing single events in Step program mode while stopped

I just found out that Erase + Pad is ignored when Step program’s “Play mode” is active while the playback is stopped.

It would be nice to be able to delete single events with Erase + Pad nevertheless, if there are no particular arguments against it. A small improvement for less confusion!

I think it makes sense not to be able to alter the sequence if you’re not in record/edit mode. It’s only 1 button press to hit [Rec/Edit], at which point you can erase steps as expected

I thought so, too but then, pressing Erase + Pad is not something the user does by accident. It’s an intentional act and I see no sense in forbidding it.

Another argument is that deleting tracks (Erase, Pad) is allowed in both Rec/Edit and Play modes, so why not allow deleting single/selected events as well (Erase + Pad)?

Maybe it’s even a bug :slight_smile:

@Mickey I’ve changed the category of the topic to Bug Reports.

It is a feature request. It is not a bug because it is working as designed.