Step Program Edit Bug?

Have a 2 bar pattern that I recorded in on the fly (2 kicks, snares, hi hat. All one shots)

I jump into step mode to see the note information and make changes.

I press erase and the pad of a kick I want to remove, it goes away. Good.

I try to erase something else right then, but instead of it erasing I either get the “Press a Pad to Erase Track from pattern 1” dialog, or it just doesn’t erase.

Then if I try again it starts erasing other random notes elsewhere in the pattern that aren’t even on the pad I’m using.

I have to leave the Step Program and then go back in to make that change.

Then of course the error happens again until I go out and come back into Step Mode.

Just for the heck of it, once I realized it was erasing random notes not associated with the Pad I was pressing, I just kept hitting erase and half the pattern disappeared, then came back, then the S2400 froze up and I had to do a restart ***


Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be but I have gotten around this by hitting the record button … if record isnt engaged the erase button will try to erase pattern as you said but if it is pressed you can erase a step by holding erase and the pad you want to remove from the sequence.

There is a bug in erase in step program mode which is fixed in beta.
It is listed on the firmware updates thread.

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Thanks, @tigerhill
Ahh, should of checked there first, thanks @Mickey