Copy track from one Pattern to another - how?

The new copy/erase functions in step program are great, but in the video guide it flashes up a message saying you can now copy tracks between patterns. I can’t find any way to do this, nor anywhere in the updated manual. Am I being thick?

If you press enter when in step program mode you can change pattern and paste there.

Or maybe it was shift+enter, I don’t have the machine in front of me.

Make a selection, press Copy, change patterns, press F7 to paste :slight_smile:

Thanks both, will be sure to check this out when I’m back with my S2400. Did I miss this in the manal/video?

The December 24 update was all about copy/paste. There is a link to the updated manual and a video in the firmware update forum topic.

Watched the video a few times and RTFM also. I must be missing the bit about copying between patterns :flushed:

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Like @rozz3r said: select, copy, change pattern, paste (F7).

Is your question about how to change the pattern? In Step Program mode, press Shift+Enter to highlight the pattern number, then type the new number or use the arrows or encoder, then press Enter. Or exit step program, change the pattern on the main screen, and re-enter step program. The clipboard is persistent. You can even load a different project and paste into that.

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Thank you everyone for your help - I missed that the clipboard remains across patterns/projects - much appreciated.