Feature requests - hopefully sensible list

Hi there

So while using the S2400 a few things came up that I thought would be excellent features to really increase the functionality and close the gap between any competitors. I tried to keep them to sensible additions rather than completely new feature so hopefully there is potential for implementation.

There are some duplicates but I’m just compiling them here:

Dynamic track memory - the 64mb is flexible and gets used up as you sample/use samples - allowing samples longer than 2mb to be looped etc.

Parameter jump/pick-up option - we already have a version of this with the faders while holding shift - would be ideal to chose preferred option, while moving faders/pots parameters either immediately jump to the position or wait until controller reaches them. Available on all functions, including pan etc.

Micro-timing shifts of note events

Exp/log/lin envelope shapes

Quick parameter locks when holding down button in step mode

Saving sample keeps track settings

Variable filter slopes - 6/12/18/24/48 dB

Resampling of one-shots (with env/filter settings/pitch) and patterns

Output matrix - to allow choice of which channels go to individual outs

LFOs per track with all track parameters as destinations (and multiple destinations if fewer than 2/3 LFOs) - including standard waveforms, S&H and slewed random, plus uni/bipolar with attenuation; free/synced/one-shot options

Assignable mod envelope

Different track lengths for polymetric patterns

Step probability - 0-100% or every so many pattern reps

Full MIDI CC mapping (advised as coming - hopefully will include pan/filter/env slopes etc)

Polyphonic - as per the EMAX request featured elsewhere

I know this is a lot to ask but just a collection of things I thought of having used quite a few sampler/sequencers in the past.

Thanks :slight_smile:

And auto-save on step-edit - really easy to make a load of changes then move to another screen and lose it all. Undo is really useful but unsure of the need for saving every time when editing

Please make one feature request per post.

Apologies and noted : ) didn’t want to flood the board with loads of messages

Hope sending the requests this way doesn’t detract from the potential usefulness of the suggestions

Different track lengths, probability and LFOs are still top of the list :slight_smile: