Some feature requests (after first week of use)

I’ve had my S2400 about a week. Loving it so far. A few feature requests I’ve thought of:

  • I know you can currently select bandpass for the filter, but it would be really nice to also have the option of bandpass where one ring of the dual pot controls the lpf and one controlling the hpf (rather than just setting the centre frequency and resonance). That way you could dial in a narrow or wide band.

  • I’m sure this has already been suggested but it would be really nice to have an LFO (or 2?) to assign to pitch/filter/level etc.

  • When chopping a long sample in multi mode, you lose the ability to hear your chops in waveform view. I understand that this is a compromise that had to be made, but it would be nice if there was a way to have a finer resolution control of the start point when not in the waveform view. Maybe using the pots for coarse control and the fader for fine or something.

• When sampling, you can currently select left/right/stereo etc, but it would be cool to have some mid/side options too. I sometimes find when sampling a crackly old mono record in Logic I can eliminate 90% of the crackle by taking just the centre image and losing the sides. Being able to eliminate the centre instead and just have the sides would also be cool in some situations (like losing a vocal from a mix etc). Not sure how hard this would be to implement though, just thinking out loud!

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