1 or more LFO and a matrix please

cannot believe we are talking about a sampler with no lfo’s included in feature requests

also, a matrix for mod sources and destinations to go with the above

i know this box is never meant to be all singing all dancing but at least 1 (but preferably more) lfo and a matrix would be very helpful

maybe this is already in play ?

can we agree the above could / would be very useful



standard waveforms plus S&H. setting for unipolar/bipolar mode. maybe duty cycle for pulse? and a continuous random or just slew rate option for the S&H would be fantastic for introducing a touch of variation or instability.

if we can have multiple LFOs, maybe only one or two need to be “full featured” with the others being more basic if it helps to economize demand on the processor. just a thought, I don’t know how that all works.

the usual destinations (sample pitch, digital filter cutoff/resonance, velocity etc.) as well as envelope stages and sample start point would be cool.


i am not religious but i am o on my knees praying :crazy_face: :rofl:


Yes yes yes please I want this so bad, def one of my top feature requests!


Loop/sample start and end point as destination please as well :slight_smile:


I hesitate to ask for features before I’ve even got it :slight_smile:
but YES I would love to see classic sample manipulation possibilities - LFO modulation (preferably two LFO) with assignable destinations. Classic Akai rack sampler stuff.


2 will be great with assignable destinations like the brother @malcolmgoldie said.


Lfos please God yes


Ive got my DSI Prophet REV2 with enough LFO’s and Mod Matrix. Id rather not have these on the S2400 as its easier in the studio.

I hadn’t previously considered this, but think it would be pretty awesome; especially a stepped random lfo that could be sent to filters, pitch, slice points, and envelopes.


Loop/sample start and end point as destination please as well


YES !!! i need this in my life

LFO assignable to loop start and end points would be amazing, so much potential, what i can hear when doing a quick sweep while finding the sweet spot for the loop start and end point… that modulation movement sounds fantastic…

lfo assignable to filter cutoff and res also would be great! and any (or all) the other parameters that are available to access while in multi…

also the ability to control the amount of LFO that is applied would be helpful, though that might go without saying…


LFOs 2 - or more per voice would be welcomed absolutley. I use LFOs all the time and in the s2400 would be huge feature to modulate filter pitch sample start volume etc. I know I’m being greedy but hell lets take this thing all the way if we can.i love it.

  • A matrix approach allows for LFOs assignable to cross-modulate each other and control multiple params.

  • Manually selectable rate, or note value rate synched to beat. (1/2, 1/4/ 1/8, triplets for each.)


Big big yes for da lfos. I use them a ton on my korg ESX sampler.


On the other hand, I’d be willing to trade my E4XT Ultra w. extra outs, SSD, etc for a s2400.
That would give you sampling, filters, individual outs, a ton of mod routes, LFOs, envelopes, etc all in a nice box.

With the S2400 I just want what it does and for it to do it solidly. More options means more menus, more special button combinations, more like using a computer with a small display and less like an instrument.

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welcome to the forum brother

if all you want / a user wants is basic operation you can ignore the additionals

rytm is no less an instrument due to menu structure, lots of examples and i know you know so i don’t need to go on

this is just a request, they seem open to them, they asked, lfo on sampler is grund zero for me at least and certainly should be present on something like this, i would be searching elsewhere without all the lfo on my pair of OT for example

Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been on line and around music gear for a very long time (had a pair of Octatracks myself for quite a while. Bought them new back in the day).

My only point was that I’ve seen many instruments derailed by having so many added features that the number of special button combos or the depth of menus changes so much from the original design that they become un-fun and difficult to operate quickly.

My opinion (my opinion only) was that the S2400 should stay true to the original design concept and not try to be everything for everyone. That was all.


i know man, just sharing thoughts is all

and i fully know what you mean about feature bloat, the last thing i would hope for is feature bloat on this - that is not why i bought into it , i am in agreement in some respects, you won’t see me asking for the world basically - lfo would be welcome, if it doesnt land i have no issue using OT lfo or reaktor ensembles etc

Im sitting here in front of my OT Mk2 AE thinking do we need moe LFO’s in the house…NO. Would we like more LFO’s in the house …YES. The thing is im going to approach the S2400 differently. I dont want unstable modulations. I can get all that from the OT. In fact the OT is saying ‘fuck off its my territory S2400’. If they are to get on they have to know their place. :slight_smile: