Feature Request | Effects

I’d like to chime in with some suggestions for the future effects section. Basic digital effects like:

  1. Tape Delay
  2. Reverb
  3. Echo
  4. Compressor (w/ sidechain/ ducking)

If these basic effects can be implemented and made assignable globally and per pad that would be a great addition to make this tank of a thing an all in one box where the user can focus on the creative aspects of his/her idea and get an almost complete piece done without the out of box “effects” distractions. Of course, once the idea gets knocked inside the S2400, by all means, folks with their multitude of external effects units can get the sound they are after with further external fx processing.

The concentric knob(s) above the slider can be used to control the “time” and the “amount” for the first 3 effects. For the compressor, one knob can control the ratio and the other the threshold. The “A” and “B” button below the concentric knobs can be utilized to add further “color” options if needed.

Again, this is merely a suggestion (read wishful thinking) but I reckon a basic set of mainstream effects (I think compression can be an effect in the current scenario) will make the S2400 a self contained Dope-A’men beat making chassis for even the millennials (and then some).

Thank you for reading.


well brad has said fx will come so we cross our fingers for the best

i would hope for the best we can get with the processing we have, what i mean is i wouldn’t want a killer reverb if it meant that was the only effect or of other processes suffered

if we have delay i hope we have a filter on the high end of the feedback and some very good algo behind it , tape with verb and warble or pan mod/reverse options

i am sure the programmers have some great ideas

i would hate standard run o’ the mill fx though , i would rather the processor cycles be used on other features for actual tracks


Vinyl Sim Compressor :volcano:


True that. Run of the mill flaccid effects may never get used like most of the digital fx available in PA mixers. If it just checks the box saying the unit has fx for feature sake, it will just remain as an unused utility. When you have a dream to reality product like S2400, I truly wish everyone who lays hands on this unit never finishes their sentence with “but it doesn’t”. With everything under development and the content the Beta testers are putting out right now, I see no hint of “but”. All the basic functions that have a button/key assigned are working as is, if not better than expected with a simplified workflow.

Having said that, since there is a dedicated “effects” button, there should be enough headroom to have a few basic effects without sacrificing all other functions/performance. I guess the only impact on headroom will come with implementing more than 8 tracks (if that is planned in a later fw) as it is a RAM hogger.

If the developers stick with “less is more” approach that we see throughout the product build, I am pretty sure the same will be applied to the effects section. We don’t need many variation of the same effects. Even Echo, which I stated before, post reading your response, is not necessary as the multi mode will help you create that effect in spades.


Yes, please. If done right, it will be a killer (and eBay should have more of the old boxes with the same effect up for grabs). Will also be a desk space saver. :grin:

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oh i wouldn’t say no, after reading my post it seems i am almost against them when i am not hehehe

we wait and see, right now i just want my unit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i know it is some time off though so i am happy to sit and watch development

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If the effects are close to the quality of the effects in the Ensoniq Asr 10 they could really propel this awesome device to another level. The coding was so good on that 28 year sampler and I think the effects are a big part of why people still love it today. I find it astounding the difference in quality of effects between the Asr 10 and the octatrack, which I think for the most part are poor. IMHO the octatrack would be way way more popular if the effects were much better.


be great if they were better but i have to admit i kinda love the basic fx on the OT, so do a lot of owners as they FIT the box rather than make the box rely on them, i think the general disdain comes from those who refuse to adopt the method required, OT is a gift for those of us with a creative mind that is free to wander- if you won’t bend you are likely to dislike it, that is what i found after owning it for many years

Good point! But is it only coding that makes the ASR10 effects standout? Is there something else in the internals that makes it sound the way it does? With coding you can get close but if there are some medieval circuits in there, that (color) will be hard to duplicate IMHO. I could be wrong.

I agree 100% with you on the octatrack j.m. Don’t get me wrong it’s an Incredible machine. I think if those effects were in a box like this however, without the extensive manipulation capabilities they would be good enough.

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When I run the octatrack through he asr 10 it’s night and day the quality of the effects.
Sure the converters and other internals play a part but I think the algorithms are amazing. Expecially considering the limited resources.
I have heard a lot of mediocre effects in modern box’s and would hate for that to be the case with this machine.


Get an Ensoniq DP/4. It has the same effect as an ASR10 plus some. They used to be dirt cheap but people are beginning to realize they’re one of the best effects units in existence.


Yeah the dp/4 is really expensive these days. I can use the Asr 10 as an effects unit. Something to be said for internal effects though. I would like to use standalone and resample etc.
Seems the effects on a lot of modern units are an after thought.
We’ll see

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Oh yeah, no doubt. Definitely wanting effects onboard. Just saying if you’re looking for those specific effects that’s the unit to go with.

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Would love some LFO mod control for pitch, filter, Amp, pan. Somethin like the korg ESX has.


I’m going to maybe be on different perspective than others on this, but when it comes to development resources and time allocated, I’m all about other things more than effects. The digi filter in it now sounds really good. Things like the shruthi digital board effects and stuff would be cool and seem doable for sure. But like the “bitcrush” effect on the Microgranny, I’d have taken anything other than that. The fx in the 2000XL? I don’t use em. I’d love for other possibilites to be sorted and expanded rather than have distortions and reverbs we’d do better with other gear and not use anyway. I don’t think they’d do that, I think the Isla team will be killing it no matter what, but I’m just saying, other features and solidness etc would be infinitely preferred than fx to me in most regards but when they do come, just like features and all things, I go by the credo of fewer/better usefulness is class. It’ll be DOPE as this stuff comes! But I’m not pressed over it, it’d be cooler to map the knobs to control external gear and feed back into the live input, that feature is super exciting!


Word. All I care about for effects onboard is reverb. Give me 50 reverb options and I could care less about anything else.

just 50? lightweight request :rofl: :rofl:


i would rather the processor cycles be used on other features for actual tracks

amen to that! :wink: